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The Finest Heat Seal Machines Are Built By Thermal Press

heat seal machineMore than 30 years' experience in the thermoplastics industry goes into the manufacture of all heat seal machines by Thermal Press International Inc.

TPI developed the first heat seal machines in the mid-1980s, and the company has been growing ever since.

Today, products that have been at least partially assembled by heat seal machines are common in homes and workplaces throughout the world. Automobiles, cell phones, appliances, and computers are all put together with heat seal machines, the technology that was pioneered by TPI.

We build the world's finest, most reliable heat seal machines and also support them with customer services such as research and process development and prototyping. Thermal Press International consultants also lend a hand with product and process design to ensure you are getting optimal performance for your investment.

We take a full-service approach that sets us apart from other thermoplastics equipment manufacturers. Our services help businesses create an overall framework of success, using our heat seal machines as building blocks.

Thinking of upgrading or expanding your production capabilities? Give us a call at 925-454-9800 to learn how TPI can help you today.

Heat Seal Machines for All Types of Plastic Connection Applications

Our heat seal machines are easily adapted for a wide array of applications in the medical, automotive, computer and electronics and aerospace industries. Versatile retooling options enable TPI heat seal machines to be used to assemble more than one product, saving you time and money.

Your employees will appreciate how simple our heat seal machines are to use. Many Thermal Press customers train their workers to operate several different types of heat seal machines, improving productivity and morale at the same time.

Let a TPI representative show you how our heat seal machines can transform your business and your relationship with your workforce. Call us today at 925-454-9800 to learn more about TPI's heat seal machines, pricing, and related services. You may also contact us at

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