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Manufacturing Tips for Quality Plastic Assemblies

Quality plastic assemblies often rely on press fits to hold parts in perfect alignment. These bonded interference fits used in assembly connections provide consistent performance in a multitude of applications. You can see some of the plastic assembly examples available from Thermal Press here.

Demand for press-fit assembly technology and heat-sealing equipment shows that manufacturers are looking to near-shore manufacturing, automate assembly processes, and maintain the integrity of each plastic assembly that leaves the line to reduce product liability.

3 Tips to Consider for Your Quality Plastic Assemblies

Improving the quality of your plastic assemblies requires the right combination of design for manufacturability (DFM) and the correct tooling that achieves a repeatable, consistent connection. A heat staking or hot sealing thermal press provides you with a flexible platform that can adapt quickly and keep a record of the data you need to validate each operation.  Let’s delve into the main tips for quality plastic assemblies you should consider when choosing a connection technology for your manufacturing processes.

1. Reduced Product Liability with Heat-Staked Plastic Assemblies

A heat-staked assembly performs better than a welded connection for longer and with greater durability. You can calculate the interference fit required for your design down to the exact parameters before testing and iterating the design according to your assembly’s exact specifications.

A heat-staking thermal press provides you with a flexible system to test your assembly operations to find the optimal setup for your needs. You can set the exact press force, thermal input, and dye requirements for any kind of plastic assembly application.

2. Process Control and Data Acquisition Capabilities

Controlling the parameters of each sealing operation is just the start. If you have to demonstrate the integrity of connections, you’ll need to acquire process data and have an alert system in place for when the process didn’t complete according to specification.

Timely calibrations, process validations, and programmable alarms of your heat staking system can ensure you maintain the integrity of each assembly connection that leaves your facility.

3. A Flexible Platform with Quick Tooling Changes

High-mix, low-volume manufacturing is now a driving element for growth in the plastic assembly industry. Quickly changing your process to accommodate another product will be essential to manufacturers that want to maximize productivity and keep a steady supply of orders flowing in.

A thermal press platform maintains the integrity of each assembly process while changing tools and programs quickly to different product designs, parameters, and staking tools. Find out more about assembly process concepts here.  

Optimize Plastic Assembly Operations with Thermal Press International Inc.

Thermal Press International Inc. provides you with flexible platforms that integrate seamlessly into your assembly operations. Heat staking and sealing systems allow you to quickly change out your tools, establish a repeatable process, and deliver quality plastic assemblies consistently.

To discuss your next project and learn how our solutions can help you deliver quality plastic assemblies every time, request a quote.

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