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The Originator of the Thermal Press machines since 1976 and still at the forefront of high-volume, high-precision Thermal and Plastic Assembly, Technologies & Processes

Thermal assembly of plastics has never been easier or more reliable with quality machines from Thermal Press International, Inc. We are experts in the field of heat staking, heat sealing, thermal insertion and swaging equipment and solutions.about-us

TPI is the leader in thermal assembly of plastics technology, since our company built the first heat staking machines in 1976. For more than 30 years, we’ve provided an array of industries with heat staking, heat sealing, thermal insertion, Film/Filter/Port welding solutions that are economical, dependable and amazingly versatile.

We work with your team to help with the process development and engineering design support in conjunction with the complete turnkey system we supply to our customers.

At a time when much industrial equipment is quickly becoming obsolete, our machines feature tooling that is interchangeable and standardized. One of our systems can quickly be retooled for a different assembly application. This adaptability saves time and money and virtually eliminates the risk of our machines becoming outdated or obsolete.

Thermal Press – products can also meet the demands of competitive industries. Our machines are ideally suited for thermal assembly of plastics production that is high volume and requires temperature, pressure and motion to be precisely and accurately controlled.

All of our equipment is designed, manufactured and built at our facility here in Livermore, CA, USA. All of our equipment are CE-compliant and have an industry leading 3 year warranty. Our equipment is designed and built to last for years with minimal maintenance requirements. We utilize only high-end and globally available components (SMC, Festo, Allen-Bradley, Keyence, Siemens, etc…).

We currently have representatives throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, China and Pacific Rim.

To learn more about thermal press assembly machines from TPI that are the core equipment of hundreds of businesses involved in thermal assembly of plastics, Contact Us today or call our engineers at 925-454-9800.

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