Dual C-Series Thermal Press (Medical Port Sealer)

Dual C Series Thermal Press (Medical Port Sealer)

The Dual C-Series Thermal Press is also known as the “Port Sealer” and is a variation of our popular C-Series machine. This is an excellent choice for large format applications, such as medical port or fitment sealing and welding applications.

The Dual C features a wide-open workspace with a dual “C-Frame” skeleton to allow for maximum clearance. It is built on its own machine base/cart. The Dual C-series machines utilize all our standard tooling, roll feed systems and part handling options that are applicable with the other lines of Thermal Press machines.

This product option provides the ability to set up and run multiple medical ports utilizing convenient quick-change tooling for many configurations. It is an excellent choice for large sealing applications, such as port sealing for the medical, food and textile industries.

Key Features

  • Open format dual “C-Frame” Machine design to accommodate larger applications than a standard C-series
  • Available in various heights to accommodate tall and/or deep parts
  • (Dual) Standard 4″ stroke with adjustable hard stops
  • Available in various Force Ranges from 0-1000 lbs
  • Velocity control for precise actuation (travel) speed
  • HMI color touchscreen for operation, setup and machine controls (multiple password protection levels)
  • Recipe storage via HMI touchscreen
  • Integrated digital PID temperature controls (multi-zone)
  • Precision regulators and digital pressure controls (with power boost option)
  • Integrated digital timers, counters and positional data
  • Programmable alarms (operational lockout on all parameters)
  • Two hand start buttons with anti-tie down safety circuitry
  • OSHA, CE, NFPE and NEC compliant
  • All systems are equipped with quick change tooling features
  • Easy rotational adjustment of thermal tooling to align with parts/fixtures
  • Base and actuator are pinned and slotted for repeatable change out of tooling packages (hot or cold) without any re-alignments
  • 3-Point leveling of thermal tooling to fixture
  • Test ports for easy calibration and validations
  • The Dual C-Series is primarily used for medical port and bag sealing applications, but it can also be configured for heat staking and thermal insertion programs
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