H-Series Thermal Press

“Higher Force for Precision Assembly Applications”

The H-Series Thermal Press provides higher forces for more demanding applications. The stout H-frame design will maintain planarity even during very high forces applied throughout the machine’s cycle. The H-Series Thermal Press will fit on a standard work bench and easily integrates into existing automation lines, pallet transfer, and conveyor-based systems.

Key Features

  • Robust “H-Frame” design for higher force applications
  • Configurable in various heights and widths to accommodate tall and/or deep parts
  • Standard 4″ stroke with adjustable hard stop
  • Available in force ranges from 500 lbs to 3 tons
  • All systems are equipped with quick change tooling features
  • Standard 4″ stroke with adjustable hard stop
  • Base and actuator include features for repeatable change out of tooling packages (hot or cold) without any re-alignments
  • Programmable velocity control for precise actuation (travel) speed
  • HMI color touchscreen for operation, setup and machine controls (multiple password protection levels)
  • Recipe storage via HMI touchscreen
  • Integrated digital PID temperature controls (multi-zone)
  • Precision regulators and digital pressure controls (with power boost option)
  • Integrated digital timers, counters and linear positional data
  • Programmable alarms (operational lockout on all parameters)
  • Two hand start buttons with anti-tie down safety circuitry
  • OSHA, CE, NFPE and NEC compliant
  • All systems are equipped with quick change tooling features
  • 3-Point leveling of thermal tooling to fixture
  • Test ports for easy calibration and validations
  • Easy rotational adjustment of thermal tooling to align with parts/fixtures
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