Port and Fitment Sealing for Medical and Food Industries

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dc50mm port sealer 300dpiThermal Press, the leader in heat sealing machines, offers a wide variety of equipment and options to solve your Medical Port, plate and fitment sealing post.

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Heat sealing is used in the manufacturing of blood test film and filter media for the blood, virus and many other test strip devices used in the medical field today. Thermal Press manufactures systems to ensure a high quality of seal without the degradation or debris caused by other more volatile process like Ultrasonic welding. Heat Sealing is an standard technique for welding or sealing Medical Ports, Plates, Fitments and other attachments into Medical and Fluid Bags used in the medical, bio-engineering and food industries. Specific material selection for the bags is based upon their intended application orcompliance requirements (Food or Medical Grades). Laminate foils and films are heat sealed over the top of thermoplastic medical trays, Microtiter (microwell) plates, bottles and containers to seal and/or prevent contamination for medical test devices, sample collection trays and containers used for food products.
Medical bags are used in an array of post, from the dispensing of medicine to the collection or transfer of blood or other biological media. The usage of these fluidic bags and the flexibility they have provided has been expanding into the consumer products and food industries over the last decade.

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