Heat Staking of Mobile Phones

When it comes to miniature plastic parts assembly such as cell phones and other products, a robust machine that can precisely control process parameters (heat, pressure, and cycle time duration) for maximum assembly throughput with the highest yields possible is absolutely necessary.

The C-Series and H-Series thermal presses built by Thermal Press International achieve these goals.

The C-Series Thermal Press is one of the most versatile and popular models. Designed to allow the maximum flexibility for mounting on rotary tables, shuttle, or other custom designed tables, with extended arm capabilities for other types of products. Heatseal PCB to LCD Rotary Vision System-1Camera vision systems are an option for precise placement of LCDs on PCBs or other heat activated adhesive attachments. View LCD Heat Seal Rotary Table Vision System close-up. Equipment can also be configured to include an automatic Interposer Dispensing System and be programmed to fit virtually any application. An automatic interposer dispensing system eliminates the possibility of operator error in material placement. H-Series units are also available. The H-Series model is designed to provide higher force than C-Series models. They can be integrated into Bosch Pallet Transfer Conveyor Assembly Lines. This design is a closed format machine with side columns. The machines can be tooled for heat staking and/or heat sealing.

When it comes to assembling RF shields and metal plates to plastics there is a need to precisely control the head, heat and pressure for a side swage or plastic heat staked joint. Failure of the plastic joints can result when using sub-par equipment in the assembly process.

Certainly, less well-built machines will not maintain the temperature consistently through an entire production run. This leads to cell phone failures in the field. Many companies have tried to build heat staking and heat sealing machines out of lower quality materials with substantially less than optimal production run results.

rotary table plastic assembly equipmentAt Thermal Press International we take pride in building the best machines possible for the most value for the investment. We can demonstrate the cost savings to an organization using our equipment to assemble your cell phones or other products.

As cell phone prototype designs change or a new production run begins it is important to be able to quickly come up to assembly line speed with equipment that can be easily configured with new tooling and/or be quickly changeable for other product designs.

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