“Miniature, Configurable, Scalable Laboratory Solutions”

The MicroLAB Series Thermal Press has all of the features of our larger production systems in a very small footprint. The MicroLAB is completely configurable with a multitude of customized tooling and actuation packages. It is the perfect solution for miniature to small-sized assembly applications.

MicroLAB is a self-contained system that is designed for use in Clean Rooms and laboratory environments. Commonly used for implantable medical device assembly.

Thermal Press is the industry leading standard in the engineering of robust precision machines and thermal assembly systems used for; heat staking, swaging, sealing, insertion, film/filter sealing/welding, heat seal connectors, hot bar soldering, and many other precision assembly processes.

Key Features

  • Custom Actuation and Tooling packages to accommodate a multitude of assembly applications
  • Actuation Packages Available: Vertical Actuation, Horizontal Actuation, Stepper Indexing, Spin or Rotational, and many other combination of actuation’s for complex assembly processes
  • Available in various force ranges
  • All systems are equipped with Quick Change tooling features
  • Available in various heights and configurations to accommodate a multitude of applications
  • Adjustable stroke speed with cushioned contact
  • PID Digital Temperature Control
  • Two Hand Start Buttons with Anti-Tie Down Safety Circuitry
  • Easy rotational adjustment of thermal tooling to align with fixture
  • Dowel pins in base for repeatable change out of fixturing
  • Test Ports for easy calibration & validations
  • OSHA, CE, NFPE and NEC compliant
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