MicroLAB Thermal Press

Miniature, Configurable, Scalable Laboratory Solutions

The MicroLAB Series Thermal Press offers the advanced features of our larger production systems in a compact design. Completely configurable with a range of customized tooling and actuation packages, MicroLAB is ideal for miniature to small-sized assembly applications, particularly in clean rooms and laboratory environments.

Key Features

  • Custom Actuation and Tooling Packages: Tailored solutions to meet a variety of assembly needs, including vertical and horizontal actuation, stepper indexing, spin or rotational movements, and other complex combinations.
  • Max Force Output: 100 lbs.
  • Versatile Configurations: Available in various heights and configurations to accommodate a multitude of applications
  • Quick Change Tooling: Equipped with features for rapid tooling changes.
  • Advanced Controls: Integrated digital PID temperature controls with multi-zone capability, along with digital timers, counters, and positional data.
  • User-Friendly Interface: HMI color touchscreen for easy operation, setup, and control, with multiple password protection levels.
  • Recipe Storage: Convenient storage of process recipes via the HMI touchscreen.
  • Precision Pressure Control: Features precision regulators and digital pressure controls, with an optional power boost.
  • Safety Features: Two-hand start buttons with anti-tie down safety circuitry.
  • Programmable Alarms: Operational lockout on all parameters for enhanced safety.
  • Tooling Alignment: Base and actuator are pinned and slotted, ensuring repeatable changeouts of tooling packages (hot or cold) without re-alignment.
  • Adjustable Tooling: Easy adjustment of tooling to align parts with fixtures.
  • Easy Calibration: Test ports for straightforward calibration and validation.
  • Compliance: Meets OSHA, CE, NFPA, and NEC standards.
  • Clean Room Air Exhaust Port: Maintains a clean operating environment.

The MicroLAB Series Thermal Press is a self-contained, efficient, and highly adaptable solution for precise and complex assembly tasks, making it an essential tool for advanced laboratory and clean room environments, especially in the assembly of implantable medical devices.

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