Thermal Press Sales & Support Representatives in Mexico

April 2012 – Thermal Press International is proud to announce Smartsol Technologies to our Sales and Support Team throughout Mexico.

logo_smartsol-e1357316710117SMarTsol was established in 2012 as a company to provide the best products, solutions and services to the High Tech Industry, including Electronic Assembly, Automotive, Green Technologies Market and many others.

Founded by Mexican Investors, with the objective to exceed customer expectations with the best in class products and services. With an experienced Sales and Support staff throughout all markets of Mexico, SMarTsol provides their customers with innovative solutions to all types of equipment, supplies and services with SMT, PTH, Test, Inspection, Dispensing, and more.

SMarTsol helps give their customers the edge in their markets throughout Mexico.

With a focus on Surface Mount Technology equipment, supplies and services, they know they have to excel in every aspect of their business. From their commitment to the highest quality standards to their experienced engineering and technical support staff, to their excellent customer support and service, they have invested in the future of their business and yours.

When you buy from Thermal Press and SMarTsol, you should expect the highest-quality of products, services and solutions. Contact Us today for more information.