Boat and Tube Sealer Thermal Press

The Boat and Tube Sealer Thermal Press is a variation of our popular C-Series machine. It is an excellent choice for large format Medical Bag Sealing applications and Bioreactor Bag projects.

The machine features a wide-open workspace with a C-Frame skeleton to allow for maximum clearance for large and small medical bag applications. It is built on its own machine base/cart with swivel casters (locking & leveling). It provides the ability to set up and run multiple boat fitments (ports) and tube(s) sealing projects utilizing convenient TPI standardized quick-change tooling for many edge sealing operations into a multitude of different size, shape and style bag configurations.

Our Thermal Press machines incorporate the latest technologies of integrated digital control and monitoring devices to consistently produce high-quality finished assemblies to maximize production line throughput and ROI. Thermal Press is the industry leading standard in the engineering of robust precision machines and thermal assembly systems used for: heat staking, swaging, sealing, insertion, film/filter sealing/welding, heat seal connectors, hot bar soldering and many other precision assembly processes.

Available Options:
• Standardized quick-change tooling components
• Boat, tube and bag locating mandrel systems
• Impulse welding technology and control
• Chiller device and control
• Part loading and unloading
• Data acquisition package
• Servo actuator and control