Adhesive Patch Welding for Wearable Medical and Technology Devices

Thermal Press International, the leader in heat sealing machines, offers a wide variety of equipment and options for your adhesive patch welding post used in today’s wearable medical and technology devices.

Advances over the last 5 years in wearable medical and technology devices have led to the rapid development of many more FDA-compliant adhesives and fabrics used in the attachment of these devices to the skin and/or clothing. As the technology continues to improve, so too are the number of uses for these patch-based devices.

Thermal Press has been a leader in the process development of the attachment of Adhesive and Transdermal Patches, as well as many other fabric and textile-based patches.

We will work with your team to navigate efficiently through the design and development phases of your product, as well as the IQ/PQ processes of the implementation of your device.

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