Contract Machining

Thermal Press International (TPI) has successfully manufactured precision plastic assembly equipment for over 45 years.  Our CNC machine shop has played a critical role in our ability to meet the tight specifications required by many of our customers for the customized tooling packages on their assembly machines.  We have expanded our in-house CNC machine shop and can offer you the same high-quality, high precision machining with short lead times. And TPI’s business model enables us to offer extremely competitive pricing that will most certainly lower your current costs. Get a quote today!

Types of Services

  • Contract CNC Machining
    • CNC Machining
    • Multi-Axis CNC Machining
    • CNC Lathe Machining
    • Quick Turn Rapid Prototype
    • Large Production Orders
    • Precision Components
    • Surface Grinding
  • Prototyping
    • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
    • Concept Design
    • Material Selection
    • Cost Analysis
    • 3D Printing
  • R&D Services
    • Fixturing Design
    • Automation Machine Design
    • Process Development/Optimization

Fast Turnaround

Meeting deadlines is one of the most important aspects of a successful business model, and we are committed to delivering your parts on time. Our project managers keep a close watch on your project and will have an open line of communication with you throughout the process. Upload your design files and we will respond within one business day. Contact Us Today! 

Industries Served

Contact Us or call (925) 454-9800 to get a quote or learn more about our contract machining capabilities.