The Multi-WorkStation System for Automation and Integration

Scalable, Configurable, and Easy to Integrate Solutions for Automation

6workstations-control cabinet

The Multi-WorkStation System by Thermal Press International is designed to be scalable, robust, and seamlessly integrable into any automated production line. This system can operate either as individual standalone work cells or as part of a multi-operation assembly process, utilizing a centralized common control cabinet for efficiency and coordination.

Based on our popular open-format C-Series machine, the Multi-WorkStation System features thruster-based machines with XY mount stages for precise alignment. These systems incorporate all our quick-change tooling features and accommodate our standard options and accessories, providing versatility and ease of use.

Key Features of WorkStations

  • Multi-Station Configurations: Supports up to 6 WorkStations.
  • Open Format “C-Frame” Machine Design: Engineered for flexibility and ease of access.
  • Easy Installation and Alignment: Equipped with XY mount stages.
  • Quick Change Tooling: Equipped with features for rapid tooling changes.
  • Versatile Configurations: Available in various heights and configurations to handle tall and deep components as well as a multitude of applications.
  • Adjustable Stroke: Standard 4″ stroke with an adjustable hard stop for precise control.
  • Max Force Output: 1000 lbs.
  • Programmable Velocity Control: Ensures precise actuation speed.
  • Adjustable Tooling: Easy adjustment of tooling to align parts with fixtures.
  • Tooling Alignment: Base and actuator are pinned and slotted, ensuring repeatable changeouts of tooling packages (hot or cold) without re-alignment.
  • Built-In Leveling: Three-point leveling for stable setup.
  • Clean Room Air Exhaust Port: Maintains a clean operating environment.

Control Cabinet Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: HMI color touchscreen for easy operation, setup, and control, with multiple password protection levels.
  • Recipe Storage: Convenient storage of process recipes via the HMI touchscreen.
  • Integrated Digital PID Temperature Controls: Multi-zone control for precision.
  • Advanced Controls: Integrated digital PID temperature controls with multi-zone capability, along with digital timers, counters, and positional data.
  • Programmable Alarms: Operational lockout on all parameters for enhanced safety.
  • Compliance: Meets OSHA, CE, NFPE, and NEC standards.
  • Easy Calibration: Test ports for straightforward calibration and validation.

The Multi-WorkStation System offers a flexible and powerful solution for automation, ensuring precision and efficiency across various industrial applications.

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