In-Line Conveyor Thermal Press (SMEMA)

“Scalability for Manufacturing Solutions”

SMEMA Conveyor-based Thermal Press Systems feature our H-Series Thermal Press machines integrated with the SMEMA standard to allow for a completely scalable solution for the rapid implementation of new equipment into existing SMEMA-compliant work cells.

The SMEMA Conveyor H-Series machines accommodate the higher forces for larger applications without sacrificing any flexibility.  The stout “H-Frame” design can maintain planarity between the thermal tooling and the part holding fixturing or “pallets”, even under extreme forces!

Our systems can include any type of SMEMA Conveyor or be designed upon existing conveyor lines to allow for the maximum ease in integration of these systems for our customers.

Key Features

  • SMEMA-compliant conveyor-based solutions for scalable and LEAN manufacturing assembly lines
  • Robust “H-Frame” design for higher force applications
  • Conveyors with Thermal Press International machines are available in various heights and widths to accommodate a multitude of pallet and part sizes
  • Multiple brands of conveyors can be specified to allow for the completely configurable design standard to meet customer requirements
  • Standard 4″ stroke with adjustable hard stop
  • Available in force ranges from 500 lbs to 2 Tons
  • Velocity control for precise actuation (travel) speed
  • HMI color touchscreen for operation, setup and machine controls (multiple password protection levels)
  • Recipe storage via HMI touchscreen
  • Integrated digital PID temperature controls (multi-zone)
  • Precision regulators and digital pressure controls (with power boost option)
  • Integrated digital timers, counters and linear positional data
  • Programmable alarms (operational lockout on all parameters)
  • OSHA, CE, NFPE and NEC compliant
  • All systems are equipped with Quick Change tooling features
  • Easy rotational adjustment of thermal tooling to align with parts/fixtures
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