Rotary Table Systems

rotary-table-imgIncrease Productivity with Thermal Press Rotary Tables – Functional, Efficient, Production Optimizing Rotary Tables

Thermal Press International, Inc. (TPI) machines with Rotary Tables increase production rates by 2X on your heat staking, heat sealing (medical ports, films, filters, foils, adhesive patches, etc.) and assembly programs.

Thermal Press manufactures a broad product line of precision machines and automation systems for heat staking, medical film/port welding, heat sealing, thermal insertion and thermal assembly applications. Rotary Table configurations include; 2-8 position rotary systems in sizes from 16 inch diameter all the way up to 8 feet diameter. Thermal Press can demonstrate to your engineers how easy it is to increase production on Thermal Press machines with our line of Rotary Table Options.

TPI originated the thermal press more than 30 years ago. TPI provides innovative solutions for its global partners in the medical, automotive, telecom, consumer electronics, and aerospace industries.

Allow us to demonstrate how easy production optimization can be with our off-the-shelf machines, options, accessories and quick-change customized tooling solutions.

TPI can streamline and update your plastic assembly manufacturing process economically and quickly, no matter where you are located in the world. TPI engineers and delivers rotary systems to order for all kinds of assembly applications, no matter how specialized. As with all TPI equipment and solutions, our rotary systems are durable, low maintenance and capable of high throughput over thousands of hours of use, while remaining extremely versatile.

Contact Thermal Press to find out more about our Rotary Tables and other production optimizing solutions and accessories. Based in Silicon Valley, our phone number is 925-454-9800.