LED Taillight Assembly for Automotive Industry

LED Tail Light Assembly Solutions – Heat Staking of LED Tail Light Arrays for Automotive and Lighting Industries

LED-imageThermal Press, the leader in precision heat staking machines, offering a wide variety of equipment and options to solve your LED Tail Light assembly post.

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Over the last 15 years, advances in LED technology has made dramatic improvements in many consumer electronics and automotive lighting post. LEDs are used to make vast improvements in many of our commonly used devices. The LED-based lighting uses considerably less power than their previous technology counterparts.
LEDs are now commonly used in Televisions, Hand-Held electronics, Mobile Phones, Household Appliances, as well as Automotive Lighting.

The automotive industry has employed LEDs in Tail Lights (aka Tail Lamps), Instrument Displays, and interior lighting for higher-end aesthetics, as well as to improve power consumption and wiring demands. The most common technique for attaching LED arrays is heat staking. Most LED arrays for Tail Lights are either Metal Clinch Frames (with stamped LEDs) or Flexible Circuit arrays (with SMT LEDs).

The contours, shapes and configurations that can be designed around these LED Arrays allow for many new tail light assemblies. The automotive designers are now creating some very creative, futuristic and concept-style production tail lights which are being introduced into new makes and models each year.

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Thermal Press Custom LED Tail Light Assembly Solutions – Key Features

  • Interchangeable Custom Tooling Packages and Configurations to match the contours and surfaces of the Tail Light Plastics
  • Heat Staking a multitude of posts on different planes and surfaces in a single machine cycle without damaging or degrading LEDs
  • CNC of tooling components to match any contour of parts shapes and features to properly support, locate and/or clamp parts, as needed
  • Family Tooling Packages are available for assemblies requiring operations on Top and Bottom surfaces
  • Multiple part handling capabilities for RH & LH simultaneous production requirements
  • Tail Light Heat Staking processes can reliably accommodate multiple posts heights and diameters
  • Multiple Heat Stake head profiles (standard or custom shapes) can be created during the heat stake process
  • Precision Interchangeable Clamping Plates are a typical feature of Thermal Presses Tail Light Assembly Solutions