Manual Thermal Press

“Low-Cost Convenience for Prototyping”

The Manual Thermal Press or “Hand Press” Series (Model MTP & MTP-C) are versatile test laboratory-style machines for non-production or prototyping applications. It is a cost-effective solution for many prototyping applications and/or for extremely low production volumes. Like all our other lines of Thermal Press systems, it is fully integrateable and can easily sit on most work benches or tables.

The head unit of the Manual Thermal Press (MTP-C) can also be mounted above a work surface on a gantry or frame to allow for customizing solutions or for working on larger items allow an open work area underneath the

Key Features

  • Adjustable height to accommodate easy adjustment for taller parts
  • Ergonomic weighted handle for easy and repeatable operation
  • Linear guided rail for accurate and repeatable results using the rack and pinion-based arbor
  • Adjustable hard stop for precise stroke distance
  • PID digital temperature control
  • Digital timer with adjustable dwell start position switch and a cycle completion indicator and user selectable audible buzzer
  • Equipped for standard quick change tooling packages which works with all of our models
  • Easy rotational adjustment of thermal tooling to align with fixture
  • Optional Configurations without base or alternate mounting options to allow for easy integration into pre-existing or custom equipment.
3.3/5 (6 Reviews)