We are very proud of the work we do for our customers.  We also appreciate it when they give feedback.  Below are a few comments about our products and service.


“I have worked with Thermal Press International (TPI) over the last several years on multiple manufacturing automation projects.

They have always been helpful and innovative in addressing our technical, financial, and schedule objectives – taking a concept from ‘inception’ and moving it through the ‘prototype’/’proof of principle’ stages into a functioning automated manufacturing system implementation.

Always collaborative and professional.

I would highly recommend TPI whether you have a project that needs the extra effort to iron out some early kinks, or a fully developed process that needs to be implemented in an organized and efficient way.”


VP of Research & Development
for a Product Development and Manufacturing Company in the Greater Bay Area


We also conduct regular reviews with our customers and ask them to score us on a scale of 1-10 (10 = Excellent).


“We continue to work with TPI due to the product and service.  I would recommend Thermal Press.  Ian and his team are a pleasure to work with.  They take the time to explain things”

Score:  10 / 10

Tim, Lisle IL


“My team and I continue to purchase from TPI because you are easy to work with.”

Score: 9 / 10

Kevin, Chatsworth, CA


“Ian gives us a lot of attention.  TPI is better than the other heat staking source we have used:  1) Less operator requirements (plug & play); 2) Better fixture alignment and mounting”

Score:  8/10

Zachary, Louisville, KY


“TPI Machines are easy to work with – low maintenance. I spend the least amount of time with the TPI Machine. TPI’s major focus is heat staking / sealing.  Other companies are all over the place.”

Score: 10/10 (we are very pleased!)

Gary, AL


“The TPI machine is working at a CM based in England. We are a virtual startup company. It is great to have a machine that is turnkey – works right away, no debugging. I do not need to fly back and forth to England to make it work – this saves time and money.”

Score:  9/10

Eric, AZ


“Lance promised that I could get the customized options that I wanted on-time and on-budget.  I do know for a fact that we have a “do not buy from” list. Sonitek is on this list as they are difficult to work with. I like to work with companies like TPI since I have no problems with TPI.

I am looking forward to working with TPI on future projects. Our company like to form partnerships with vendors. We have vendors that seem like they are our own employees – it’s hard to tell the difference.  Also, TPI has a good design. You aren’t the cheapest but you are worth the extra money.”

Score: 9/10

Jonathan, San Diego Area


“Quick setup / plug & play – Ultra Source takes longer”

Score:  9/5/ 10

Scott, Nor Cal


“TPI Setup time = 30 minutes.  Prior machine setup = 2 hours (TPI reduced setup time by 75%)”

Score: 8/10

Huang, Palo Alto


“TPI heat staking gives us solid repeatability, 30% faster than screw driving”

Score:  9/10

Leroy, Nor Cal


“The TPI brand stands for quality and good work”

Score:  10 / 19

Steve, MA