Automated Medical Device Assembly Equipment

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An evolving medical and wearable device industry requires perfect assembly for every item, every run, and every shipment. Our automated medical device assembly equipment helps your organization to meet demand and ensure a quality, one-time-through process.

Automating Medical Device Assembly with Thermal Press

Additional pressure on the healthcare industry means more and more people will have to depend on medical devices that allow for the efficient use of available resources. Thermal Press provides manufacturers with innovative manufacturing and automation solutions for any type of medical device assembly, including enclosures, measurement, monitoring, and wearables or skin applications.

A Variety of Medical Device Assembly Platforms Available

In the medical device industry, applications and new polymer formulations continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. Engineers must convert these material properties into usable products. That’s where Thermal Press can assist.

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Our assembly platforms give you:

  • Flexible manufacturing designs to support any type of application
  • Easy setup and an intuitive user interface
  • Electronic controls to ensure a high level of repeatability
  • Quality processes using precise thermal control

Automating Your Assembly Processes

Depending on your manufacturing process, Thermal Press can recommend a set of technologies to speed up your production and ensure maximum repeatability. Our equipment offers digital controls and automated seal verification during the process help to detect problems with your recipes early.

Thermal Press enables you to connect your production equipment with all the elements required to ensure a quality medical device manufacturing operation. Pairing the right tool with your specific process and other accessories will streamline your manufacturing tasks while maintaining the required quality for a highly regulated market.

Our product support team will also provide:

  • Conveyance and calibration services
  • Integrating tooling and robotics where necessary
  • Digital integration and process verification
  • A host of automation solutions to streamline every aspect of your device assembly

Medical Molding and Heat Staking Equipment

For any type of port or seal, we can provide an integrated platform that performs consistently, comes with advanced user control, and improves manufacturing quality. Thermal Press can also assist you to develop a custom medical device assembly system.

Automate Your Process with Thermal Press Assembly Systems

Our team of experienced professionals will work with your engineers to develop a comprehensive automated assembly system. You can choose from our wide variety of tools and accessories to develop specific recipes and maintain the quality of the process with advanced safety controls.

We support different material handling techniques, provide engineering services and support, and will assist you with system integration and automation. Thermal Press has medical assembly equipment for any type of application and polymer type imaginable. With medical devices depending on new chemical bindings and secure port seals, you’ll want to ensure you get the best platform available.

To find out how Thermal Press can help automate your medical device assembly process, get in touch today.