Biomedical Manufacturing Equipment for San Diego Innovators

Biomedical Manufacturing Equipment

San Diego has been driving the healthtech and biomedical device manufacturing industry forward for decades. For startups that need robust and flexible biomedical manufacturing equipment for their new product introductions (NPIs), Thermal Press International Inc. can assist.

Biomedical Manufacturing Equipment and Services

To produce products that comply with the stringent regulations of the biomedical industry, your manufacturing team needs to ensure you get the process right from the beginning. Our biomedical manufacturing equipment includes heat-sealing solutions suitable for wearable devices, drug delivery systems, measurement equipment, bioreactor bags and more.

The thermal press assembly process eliminates important issues like are often encountered with sonic welding.  TPI can assist you to:

  • Optimize your current design and manufacturing processes for improved quality
  • Reduce defect rates using a streamlined and consistent hot sealing process
  • Automate the assembly tasks for increased throughput without compromising on quality

Thermal Press Biomedical Manufacturing Solutions

Our port sealing and hot staking solutions come in two distinct frame types. The dual C-Series frame supports larger designs and just like the H-series, comes with integrated digital control and monitoring devices. You can collect valuable data on each seal to ensure you comply with the rigorous industry standards required for biomedical devices.

The H-Series is ideal for sealing applications that require higher forces and maintaining planarity during each operation. Both frames can easily fit into a production line and our engineers will help you design an optimized process that delivers the quality and quantities you require.

Our H-Series and C-Series thermal presses enable you to:

  • Carry out heat staking, swaging, sealing, film/filler, welding, and other precision assembly tasks
  • Change tools quickly to start another production process for a different medical device or part
  • Program precise sealing and staking parameters using the touchscreen interface for different plastic assembly processes
  • Set digital alarms and process controls to ensure each seal complies with the required specifications and certifications

San Diego biomedical startups and innovators can count on our robust assembly platform for all your port sealing and medical device assembly applications. We have decades of plastic assembly and healthcare industry experience.  Our application engineers have the subject matter knowledge to develop a custom solution as required. TPI has successfully worked with new product development teams who need to rapidly prototype, refine, and scale their manufacturing process for increased efficiency and manufacturability.  

Optimize Your San Diego Area Biomedical Manufacturing Process with Thermal Press International Inc.

For any medical startup that needs to ensure they can produce high-quality biomedical devices consistently, TPI can help. We can also provide custom solutions and engineering support services to biomedical teams throughout the world.

If your San Diego area product team needs a biomedical manufacturing equipment supplier to help produce medical-grade seals efficiently, reach out to TPI today.