Bioreactor Bag Sealing and Manufacturing

Thermal Press – The Best Choice for Bioreactor Bag Sealing

We’re a leader in precision thermal and plastic assembly and technologies. Our company is the originator of thermal press machines since 1976.

At Thermal Press, we produce equipment that manufactures high-quality bioreactor bags for use in a variety of industries. Learn more about the industry and why Thermal Press is the leader in bioreactor bag sealing and manufacturing.

Why Choose Bioreactor Bags?

According to a recent survey by BioPlan Associates, a marketing research firm, more than 70% of biopharmaceutical manufacturing companies use single-use bioreactor bags. In addition, companies are finding substantial cost savings using disposable plastic systems over their traditional steel counterparts.

The benefits of using bioreactor bags include:

  • Sterility: Utilizing single-use bags reduces the risk of contamination. Single-use bioreactor bags are sterile, and the tight seal lowers the chance of microbial contamination.
  • Cost Reduction: Start-up investment costs are significantly lower for companies using disposable bioreactor bags compared to companies utilizing traditional systems.
  • Environment: Environmental waste is cut exponentially. Bioreactor bags can be quickly incinerated. By eliminating the need to sterilize huge metal vats, companies also find enormous savings in water consumption.

The cost savings of single-use bags can be tremendous. Consider the costs that have recently impacted US citizens for producing monoclonal antibodies used to treat patients with COVID-19. These are typically manufactured in 2,000-liter batches. Companies using single-use bags are seeing cost savings of up to 30% over the same volume being produced in a stainless-steel facility. The manufacturing of these antibodies has generated the most significant growth in the use of bioreactor bags in 2020.

C-Series Sealing Solutions from Thermal Press

Thermal Press incorporates industry-leading engineering in our C-Series Thermal Press manufacturing and production, providing top-of-the-line sealing solutions. We build precision machines that can create solid sealing solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers who use bioreactor bags.

The C-Series Thermal Press can be used for:

  • Heat staking
  • Swaging
  • Sealing
  • Welding
  • Hot bar soldering

We provide scalability to manufacturing companies. Thermal Press is an industry leader in offering sealing solutions that can accommodate larger-scale sizes of bioreactor bags, which can hold up to 2500 liters of liquid.

What Sets Us Apart

Our experience has taught us to continually improve our assembly processes to target quality and compliance.

At Thermal Press, we use precision manufacturing to provide high reliability in the affordable production of pharmaceutical manufacturing. So how can we serve you today?