Boat Port Sealing Equipment

boat port sealing equipment

Thermal Press offers a wide selection of boat port sealing equipment for your needs!

Boat ports play a crucial role across many industries, from biology and research to medicine. At Thermal Press, we offer a wide selection of boat port sealing equipment to ensure your ports are properly sealed.

The precision with which boat ports are thermally sealed into containers and the abundance of standard size and shape configurations to fit most applications have made boat ports an essential tool for medicine, research, and bioengineering.

Boat ports can be custom molded to any shape or size, but many standard sizes and configurations compatible with industry-standard equipment are readily available.  Reliable port sealing to their bags or other applications is critical.

What is a Boat Port?

A boat port is a specialized piece of equipment designed to be sealed into an opening in a container, such as a box or a bag. They are meant to provide an airtight seal to ensure that the container remains hermetically sealed, guaranteeing that items inside are protected from the outside environment and vice versa. They are often made of a material that can be thermally sealed, such as plastic, to ensure a tight seal.

Due to their tapered ends that make them resemble boats, boat ports facilitate the transmission of fluid between a bag in which the fitment is installed and one or more tubes.

We have several educational resources to help you understand the equipment required to seal a boat port thermally. Our equipment can accommodate installing standard or custom-made boat ports to suit your specific applications.

Boat Port Installation and Usage

Boat fitments connect one or multiple tube connections to a fluid bag. The exactitude with which these ports are installed has brought them into industry prominence, and as such compatible equipment is straightforward to source for most applications.

Bags equipped with boat ports are commonly used in biopharmaceutical research and chemical compound transmissions and to assist bioreactors with cell cultivation (amongst other applications).

Once placed in the bag, these boat ports are then thermally sealed into the bag before tube connection to ensure liquid can move to or from the liquid bag without leakage or pressure compromise.

Boat Port Sealing Equipment from Thermal Press

Our boat port sealing equipment ensures that your boat ports provide a hermetically sealed environment. Browse our selection and inquire about our boat port sealing equipment today! 

Some options for boat port sealing equipment include our:

Find the Right Boat Port Sealing Equipment with Thermal Press

Whether it’s the quick deployment of industry-standard equipment or special purpose orders, Thermal Press is ready to provide equipment and support to ensure reliable installation and function of boat port fitments into compatible containers.

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