Custom Plastic Assembly Consulting

plastic assembly consulting

To build innovations of the future, teams need access to the latest custom plastic assembly techniques. Thermal Press offers various platforms and can guide your product developers as a custom plastic assembly and consulting partner.

Establishing a Quality Custom Plastic Assembly Solution

Moving quickly from prototype to full-scale production with a new product requires process expertise that goes beyond standard applications. Recent events show that reducing time to market can make or break your idea for an innovative product. With years of expertise in the plastic assembly service, we can consult with you to prove the concept and scale your production processes effectively.

From Concept to Product – Let Thermal Press Guide Your Team

Speeding up the product development lifecycle shouldn’t affect the quality of the final article. Thermal Press has a range of custom plastic assembly solutions and platforms to suit any manufacturing process. Our heat sealing and heat staking assembly solutions can support complex methods of plastic assembly, ensuring you meet deadlines and quality standards applicable to your product.

Thermal Press can assist your product teams by:

  • Providing end-to-end product development and optimization during the project lifecycle
  • Optimizing assembly and designs while delivering application support
  • Partnering with teams for process development or complete contract assembly services

Developing Custom Plastic Assembly Solutions

Whether it’s a biomedical product or wearable device, you’ll want to optimize the entire process before moving to production. Once you’ve established a cost-effective plastic assembly solution, you’ll also need to scale your production to keep up with consumer demand.

Finding a partner who can assist you during every step of the process can be challenging. Thermal Press is a leader in developing plastic assembly solutions and platforms for a variety of applications.

To support today’s innovators, Thermal Press can:

  • Recommend the right platforms and assembly techniques for different industries and applications
  • Develop a process that supports scaling production
  • Identify the right tools, training, and tooling for the job
  • Support different assembly processes, including foil sealing, film welding, thermal insertion, or hot bar and medical port sealing solutions

Developing Custom Plastic Assembly Processes with Thermal Press

Our flexible equipment platforms, custom tooling options, and quick turnovers can turn a complex idea into a workable product. As innovation in all sectors of technology continues to speed up, having a team in your corner that understands the complexity of thermal bonding and establishing quality seals for all types of industries is essential.

Thermal Press has years of experience in developing custom heat sealing and staking solutions for advanced applications in highly regulated markets. Our team will guide and support your designers, engineers, and product developers during every step of the process.

If you need to speed up your time to market with a dedicated team and an expert custom plastic assembly consulting company, get in touch with Thermal Press today.