Design and Assembly for Medical Products

Medical Product Design and Assembly Services

For medical product design and assembly, you need an efficient process from initial concept to full production. The stringent regulations governing the design and assembly of medical products require special attention to ensure each device remains compliant and safe for use.

Thermal Press International Inc. provides design and assembly services including hot-sealing solutions for an optimized and cost-effective process.

Medical Product Design and Assembly Services

TPI specializes in process development for medical devices that rely on the thermal assembly of plastics. Our team has extensive experience in the medical product manufacturing industry and works with established teams or startups to optimize the design for manufacturability (DFM), increase production throughput, and establish controls to reduce product liability.

Our end-to-end design and assembly services include:

  • Product design review, process development, and application support
  • Contract integration and assembly services including contract machining
  • Process consultation, material selection and layout advice, and product prototyping

Engineering Support and Application Development

From developing the heat sealing and hot staking process with you to ensuring you have the right equipment and required spare parts, TPI remains committed to your project’s success. Our engineers work with teams of all sizes to understand specific challenges and find an optimized approach for each medical device assembly. Our equipment ensures you have the required control over the assembly process while alerting you when there is a defective product.

Thermal Press International Inc. provides complete engineering support for the thermal assembly of plastics. With quick tooling changes, you can handle any high-mix, low-volume product runs without increasing your downtime to switch between assembly processes.

We deliver systems that modern medical assemblies depend on:

  • Heat staking and sealing platforms
  • Thermal insertion, swaging, and film/filter welding
  • Custom process development for other precision thermal assembly tasks

Process Optimization and Economy of Design

For new product introductions (NPIs) and manufacturing process optimization, we partner with you to find the best solution according to your exact requirements. TPI strives to ensure you have the necessary economies of design to reduce the total landed project cost and can provide full turnkey solutions if required.

Enhance Your Medical Product Design and Assembly with TPI

When your product team needs access to industry-leading experts in the thermal assembly of medical products, call on Thermal Press. We’ve been the leader in heat sealing and staking processes since 1976. Whatever the application, Thermal Press will help you find an optimized, economical, and reliable design and assembly process.

To discuss your medical product design and assembly requirements with TPI, contact us.

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