Hand Operated Heat Press Equipment


Creating a reliable, consistent, and quality seal is possible with Thermal Press and our new hand-operated heat press equipment.

Heat sealing and staking is a sophisticated procedure that requires the highest levels of precision. With a Thermal Press platform, you can control the exact pressure, temperature, and position of your sealing substrates. Our MicroLAB series is a completely self-contained system specifically designed for use in cleanrooms and laboratories. With a minimal footprint and industrial performance, you can configure your hand operated heat press for any miniature to small-sized assembly.

Thermal Press MicroLAB Hand Operated Heat Press

Whether it’s for an established product line or a launching a new device, Thermal Press can support any kind of project. We’ll work with your team to develop a repeatable and versatile heat sealing assembly process.

You can adapt the MicroLAB hand operated heat press with:

  • Roll feed systems, including rotary table configurations
  • Pneumatic clamping solutions and power shuttle tables for loading and unloading parts in semi-automated production processes
  • Advanced motion and process control using servo actuators and safety light curtain systems

Compared to standard pneumatic actuators, a servo actuator provides advanced motion and distance control. You can program multiple motion profiles and recipes with the integrated touchscreen and protect your set up with an operator password.

MicroLAB Process and Product


Adapting the MicroLAB to your assembly process is simple with quick change tooling setups. The actuation packages available include vertical, horizontal, stepper, indexing, and spin or rotational. For any kind of product assembly process, you’ll be able to configure the MicroLAB to suit your design and ensure you maintain a quality one-time-through sealing procedure.

Thermal Press will configure your hand operated heat press according to your assembly specifications. Additional features include:

  • Inspection systems and part detection/verification
  • Semi-automated part loading and unloading solutions
  • Different table configurations, including power, rotary, and linear

We can provide the perfect platform for prototyping, lab sample sealing, and engineering or proof of design projects.

Hand Operated Heat Press Applications from Thermal Press

Our MicroLAB is available in different heights and force ranges depending on the application of your assembly process. With a self-contained, hand operated heat press, you can accommodate assemblies like heat staking, thermal insertion, hot bar (and solder reflows), medical port sealing, foil sealing, and heat sealing connectors (HSCs).

We also provide extensive engineering and technical support. Our team will ensure you can optimize your processes or help you develop them using hand-operated heat press equipment. Establishing a consistent and repeatable assembly process will reduce error rates while also enhancing your product verification and validation tasks.

Innovate Your Product Assembly Line

If you need to find a versatile platform that delivers excellent precision and control, Thermal Press can help. We can provide medical validation and qualifications if necessary, while also guiding you through the entire setup process and calibration tasks.

With more medical devices and consumer electronics depending on secure, verifiable heat sealing solutions, a hand-operated heat press is a welcome addition to any engineering firm or biomedical laboratory facility. Once you’ve configured your solution and established the required recipes, you can speed up the manufacturing process and build quality, including validating your seals. Thermal Press also provides training and preventative maintenance, ensuring your team always has access to the necessary support. For product teams that need multifaceted and versatile hand-operated heat press equipment, get in touch with Thermal Press to discuss our MicroLAB Series.