Thermal Press: Your Heat Staking Solution

Since 1976, Thermal Press International has been leading the industry in heat staking equipment and solutions. Heat staking solutions include workstations, our flagship H-Series, and C-Series machines, and accessories that customize your heat staking requirements.

C-Series and H-Series for Heat Staking

Our C-Series and H-Series heat staking machinery is versatile and resolves most heat staking needs. The C-Series is fully self-contained and can sit on most workbenches, with re-toolability that meets the requirements for wide-ranging heat staking requirements. Unlike the C-Series, the H-Series works better on other applications.

The H-frame design provides rigidity for advanced applications. The H-Series works with materials that require significantly higher mating forces, and it will keep thermal staking points level, despite higher forces. The H-Series also easily integrates into conveyor-based systems, automation lines, and other manufacturing processes.

Power Shuttle Tables for Heat Staking:

Your manufacturing processes may require unique solutions that can load and unload parts for semi-automatic production which is why our TPI power shuttle tables come in varied configurations needed for semi-automatic production.

Shutter tables facilitate heat staking processes with options for various sizes, configurations, and actuating mechanism options. The table accurately indexes items in and out of the machinery and has interchangeable tooling. Three degrees of freedom allow the table to move from inside/out to side to side and up and down. Servo and pneumatic actuation options are also available.

Workstations and Servo Spin Actuators and for Heat Staking

For precise actuation requirements, servo spin actuators enhance your heat-staking machinery with advanced measurement control for assemblies that require precise motion control. Pneumatic actuators may be nice, but our servos offer complete programmable motion controls, the ability to save multiple motion profiles, and the ability to program the rate of motion.

If you need to scale your servo thermal assemblies, workstations are engineered to be scalable and easy to integrate. Use workstations as a standalone work cell, or as part of your multi-operation assembly process. Workstations allow for quick-change tooling and incorporate the latest digital control and monitoring devices for consistent assemblies.

Get Your Heat Staking Solution Today!

Thermal Press has the tooling to meet complex heat staking requirements. When two or more components need to be attached, we provide the options and tooling needed to pulse heat, deform, and reform your materials with our heat-staking processes. Contact our local sales and support representatives today with your heat staking needs.