Medical Device Plastic Enclosure Assembly

disposable wearable medical devices

Thermal Press International (TPI) is the industry-leading supplier of thermal and plastic assembly services for the medical device industry. Partner with TPI to optimize your manufacturing processes and make the most accurate and reliable products to assist patients in need.

World-Class Assembly

Our skilled engineering staff has more than four decades of expertise in design support, assembly prototyping, process development, and process optimization. Our comprehensive line of heat seal processes and world-class equipment meets the exacting demands of the medical device industry.

Accurate Assembly

As one of the leading heat-sealing process and staking solutions experts in the industry, we don’t compromise in assembling your equipment. We ensure our solutions always meet the highest level of standards and control.

Flexible Assembly

Our highly-trained staff has pioneered a variety of plastic assembly processes and solutions for the medical industry. We offer the use of the MicroLAB Series Thermal Press, Dual C-Series Thermal Press, C-Series and H-Series Thermal Press Systems, and other precision-engineered equipment. Our machines are highly adaptable with short lead times for setup and tooling changeovers. We can quickly retool our systems for different plastic assembly applications, virtually eliminating the risk of becoming outdated or obsolete.

Custom Assembly

When you need custom services, TPI is your best option. Our services include custom process and equipment development as well as tooling for your machines. To improve manufacturability, we also offer product layout reviews and recommendations.

Reliable Medical Device Plastic Enclosure Assembly

Companies that require high-quality plastic enclosure assembly solutions for the manufacture of medical devices know to choose TPI. We manufacture all our equipment in our Livermore, California facility using only high-end components, and our heat seal solution is guaranteed to meet the stringent requirements of the medical device industry.

Guaranteed Assembly

At TPI, we are with you from the design stage to final production and beyond, including technical support, installation and training, calibration, and maintenance. This enables us to offer an industry-leading three-year warranty on every product we deliver.

Thermal Press International: For All Your Medical Device Plastic Enclosure Assembly Needs

Whether you produce wearable medical devices, containment vessels, or medical ports, Thermal Press International can meet your needs. Founded in 1976, we have a reputation for developing innovative and high-quality manufacturing processes. TPI developed the industry’s first heat staking machines and followed that with additional heat staking, heat sealing, thermal insertion, and plastic welding solutions. When you need the best heat seal process and equipment for medical device assembly, turn to TPI. We get the job done.

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