Plastic Assembly Tooling

plastic assembly

When manufacturing plastics, the quality of the end item you produce (whether via heat staking, heat sealing, or other plastics assembly processes) depends largely on the quality of your tooling. Plastic assembly tooling is the “glove” of your final product, and you want to make sure that the glove exactly matches your specifications for size, shape, and texture.

Besides making high quality plastic assembly equipment, Thermal Press helps our clients design and manufacture interchangeable tooling for various industries and applications, including the medical, automotive, consumer products, electronics, and aerospace industries. Here is a breakdown of some of the ways Thermal Press heat staking and sealing tooling equipment can benefit your business.

Plastic Assembly Tooling for Manufacturing Medical Bags

A wide variety of medical equipment can be manufactured with Thermal Press plastic assembly equipment and interchangeable tooling packages. In particular, you can rely on port and fitment sealing options from Thermal Press. Our specialized heat sealing machines are unparalleled in both efficiency and design.

Medical equipment manufacturing demands extremely high standards. In this industry, reliability is of utmost importance.  Our technology is implemented in the production of blood test film and medical fluid bags to name a couple of examples.

Specialized Tooling for Automotive Lighting and Infotainment Displays

Heat staking is one of the most important aspects of automotive Lighting and Infotainment systems. This phase of the process has a substantial effect on the quality of the trim packages and aesthetics. High quality heat staking machines ensure end-product quality through the use of advanced materials, vision controls through the use of cameras, and highly reliable thermal characteristics.

To maximize efficiency, rely on our scalable solutions for specialized plastic assembly like the C-Series or H-Series Thermal Press machines with interchangeable custom heat stake tooling packages. The superior quality of these machines, in terms of materials and design, optimizes throughputs and produces exceptional results.  

Tooling for Wearable Medical Devices

Plastic assembly for IoT medical devices

Wearable medical components that can be made using heat sealing machines include drug delivery systems, monitors, and insulin pumps. These require adhesive patch welding using a heat sealing machine, as well as medicine dispensing devices that need a septum swaged onto the reservoir. Tooling these machines is a serious responsibility as the quality must uphold the steep standards required for medical devices. A recent increase in the variety of FDA-compliant fabrics and adhesives has created a higher demand for heat sealing machines for producing wearable medical equipment and devices.

Customized Plastic Assembly Tooling

Thermal Press can assist in product design for your customized plastic assembly tooling to make sure it meets your exact specifications. Some of the primary factors we take into consideration include shape, texture, material type, spacing, etc.

Businesses across many industries share a need for quality custom plastic assembly tooling but finding the right business partner to fulfill that need can be challenging. Things to look for include equipment compatibility, quality material, and rigorous testing.

Why Thermal Press?

Thermal Press heat sealing and staking tooling products undergo rigorous testing that ensures worry-free operation. Our high quality material provides superior throughputs and machine longevity.

Heat staking is preferable to fastener-based methods in part because it allows you to execute all heat staking in one motion. The reduction in motions makes for faster, more efficient manufacturing and gives your business a competitive edge.

Many of our clients thank Thermal Press for higher productivity through faster setup, quicker tool change-overs, less downtime, and greater temperature controls versus our competitors.

We manufacture all tooling to tight specifications and most standard parts, tooling and accessories are readily available for purchase. Reach out to one of our representatives our contact our main facility if you have any questions.