Power Shuttle Tables

Thermal Press Power Shuttle Tables – Convenient Part Loading and Unloading

Thermal Press International, Inc. (TPI) offers Power Shuttle Tables designed for convenient loading and unloading of parts in semi-automated production environments. Our Power Shuttle Tables are available in several configurations, sizes, and actuating mechanisms to meet diverse manufacturing needs.

TPI Power Shuttle Tables ensure accurate indexing of parts into and out of the machinery, facilitating quick and easy loading and unloading during production. These tables utilize our standard interchangeable tooling packages for easy setup, making them ideal for production lines with multiple programs. Available in various sizes, our Power Shuttle Tables offer multiple axes of travel options, from the standard “in and out” to “side to side.” They can be ordered with either pneumatic or servo actuation to suit specific operational requirements.

As with all TPI equipment, our Power Shuttle Tables are durable, low-maintenance, and capable of high throughput over thousands of hours of use, ensuring exceptional versatility. TPI can streamline and update your plastic assembly manufacturing process economically and efficiently, regardless of your location. We design, manufacture, and deliver machines with Power Shuttle Tables for all kinds of assembly applications, no matter how specialized.

Please Contact Us or call (925) 454-9800 to speak with a Thermal Press engineer and learn how our Power Shuttle Tables can enhance your production processes.