Roll Feed Systems

Thermal Press Roll Feed Systems – Accurate, Reliable and Automated Delivery and Installation for Films, Foils and Filters

Thermal Press International, Inc. (TPI) machines can allow for fully integrated advanced Roll Feed Systems for accurate and precise delivery of films, filters, foils on to medical trays, tubes, vials, test strips and microfluidic devices. They can also be used to enhance the manufacturing process of Adhesive Patches for the most demanding wearable technology and medical device assembly programs.

Thermal Press roll feed systems provide accurate indexing of the materials on to the parts (multiple up) in sizes from 2- to 12-inch roll widths. TPI roll feed systems easily and conveniently allow for interchangeable rolls for machines with multiple applications.

As with all TPI equipment and solutions, our roll feed systems are durable, low maintenance and capable of high throughput over thousands of hours of use, while remaining extremely versatile.

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