Rotary Plastic Assembly Equipment

Rotary Plastic Assembly Equipment

Thermal Press International has been engineering industrial solutions since 1976 and is considered an industry leader in heat staking, heat sealing, thermal insertion, and plastic welding solutions.

Our rotary plastic assembly equipment comes as an option for our wide array of robust thermal press machines such as the C-Series and H-Series.

TPI can also customize rotary tables for demanding applications to optimize your production.

Solve Your Production Problems with Our Rotary Table Systems

Thermal Press is your partner for a higher capacity and cost-effective plastic assembly process.

With our rotary plastic assembly equipment, you can improve your cycle rates and overall production. Our rotary table systems come in several configurations. There are 2-8 position rotary systems with different diameters, from as small as 16 inches to as large as 8 feet.

With Thermal Press’ rotary table systems, automation paves the way for single-operator setup while maintaining excellent work loading and unloading time.

Our off-the-shelf equipment, options, and customized solutions not only offer speed and accuracy, but also some flexibility. TPI’s rotary plastic assembly solution allows you to work on more than one product at a time, which further improves your production running cost.

Rotary Systems for All Kinds of Operations

With more than 40 years of experience, TPI is a trusted partner of major brands in various markets and industries.

Auto Component Manufacturers

Thermal plastic assembly is essential in the car manufacturing industry. Heat staking plays a vital role in the durability of components such as tail lights and infotainment displays for vehicles.

Wearable Medical Devices

Heat sealing machines also play a part in producing medical devices such as insulin pumps and drug delivery monitoring systems. TPI’s commitment to excellence helps guarantee the efficacy of these devices.

Other Industries

Heat staking applications are also used in smartphones, antennas for handheld devices, and products for aerospace and the military, among others.

Partner with Us, Make Your Assemblies Better

At Thermal Press, we engineer industrial equipment ready to meet the demands of your business. We can work with your team to develop a turnkey solution to help boost your production and improve your bottom line.

Our local sales and support representatives across the globe will be happy to give you more information about our products.

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