Safety Light Curtain Systems

Enhance Safety and Protect Your Operations with Thermal Press Light Curtain Systems

Thermal Press International (TPI) offers advanced safety light curtain systems to ensure the utmost protection for personnel and machinery. Our light curtain systems are designed to guard points of operation, access areas, and perimeters, preventing injuries and machine damage.

How Safety Light Curtains Work

Our safety light curtains utilize invisible beams of infrared light to create a protective barrier. When any object interrupts these beams, the system’s control unit immediately detects the interruption and sends a stop signal to the machine. This rapid response is crucial in preventing injuries by halting the operation of presses, cutting tools, and other machinery.

Reliable Protection for Your Workspace

By integrating safety light curtains into your TPI machines, you add an essential layer of safety to your operations. These systems are ideal for safeguarding personnel while ensuring that your machinery remains protected from potential damage, enhancing overall workplace safety and efficiency.

Invest in the safety of your workforce and the longevity of your machines.  Contact Us or call (925) 454-9800 to speak with a Thermal Press engineer.