Biomedical Manufacturing Equipment for Boston Area Innovators

Biomedical Manufacturing Equipment

The Boston area is rife with biomedical disruptors bringing new ways of thinking to the healthcare industry. To achieve success, teams have to rapidly prototype, refine, and scale the manufacturing of new drug delivery, monitoring, and other solutions that often depend on high-quality plastic assemblies.

Thermal Press International Inc. provides biomedical manufacturing equipment for heat staking and plastic assembly to healthcare product developers that need a reliable, quality manufacturing process.

With a range of standard product platforms available and end-to-end application engineering support, TPI can help your team speed up your biomedical new product introduction (NPI).

Biomedical Manufacturing Equipment and Services in the Boston Area

Producing medical-grade seals for wearable devices, measurement equipment, and medical delivery systems requires a heat sealing solution that produces consistent, reliable results. Using a thermal press process eliminates concerns with other methods like sonic welding.

We can assist your biomedical product development team by:

  • Reviewing current designs and recommending process enhancements
  • Assisting with prototypes and R&D to find an optimal manufacturing process
  • Automating the manufacturing process while maintaining the standards required for medical devices

Our Biomedical Manufacturing Equipment

We provide two distinct frame styles for our port sealing and hot staking solutions. Our dual C-Series frame can accommodate larger designs while the integrated digital control and monitoring devices collect valuable data about each sealing operation.

The H-Series delivers consistent pressure for applications that require higher forces while maintaining planarity during each operation. You can accommodate both of these frames onto a production line, and we’ll work with you to design an automated, high-quality port sealing or hot staking process.

Our H-Series and C-Series thermal presses enable you to:

  • Perform precision assembly tasks such as heat staking, swaging, sealing, film/filler, welding, and more
  • Switch tools quickly to initiate a different production process for a another medical device or part
  • Use a touchscreen interface to program exact staking and sealing parameters for various staking and sealing processes
  • Establish process controls and set digital alarms to ensure compliance of every seal with required specifications and certifications

I-495 and I-95’s innovative product teams require a robust platform for all your port sealing and medical device assembly applications.  You need a manufacturing partner with decades of industry experience. Our application engineers understand that your process requires a stringently controlled sealing or staking system. TPI works with startups and innovative businesses that need to optimize their port sealing and device assembly techniques for higher throughput with consistent quality every time.

Partner with Thermal Press International Inc. to Speed your Biomedical Device to Market

For any medical startup that needs to ensure they can produce high-quality biomedical devices consistently, TPI can help. We provide custom assembly solutions for new and innovative medical device designs throughout the world.

If your Boston area product team needs a biomedical manufacturing equipment supplier to help produce medical-grade seals efficiently, reach out to TPI today.