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How Today’s Medical Industry Relies on Plastic Assemblies

Modern medicine has come a long way, and today we have a variety of applications in the medical industry that depend on plastic assemblies. The increasing role that technology plays in providing quality healthcare and automated medicine delivery to patients requires a high-quality plastic assembly process.

Wearable medical devices with integrated displays help physicians monitor and log a patient’s health conditions, sometimes integrating directly with their electronic health records (EHR). In an evolving market, more practitioners now depend on sophisticated electronic products to deliver precise doses of medicine. The wearable healthcare device market will total $46.6 billion by 2025, according to analysts. As most of these solutions depend on a thermoplastic seal, product developers will have to ensure they use the highest quality of heat sealing equipment and techniques available today.

Plastic Assemblies for the Medical Industry

Greater awareness about fitness, health, and the effect of the environment on populations will continue to drive the medical device industry. The advance of wireless communications and data acquisition solutions to aid medical practitioners will only grow in the future, requiring safe and secure seals for your products.

Thermal Press is a global leader in heat sealing and staking solutions, helping manufacturers create reliable and consistent products that support patients around the world. Our solutions are precision engineered to provide exact control over every portion of the sealing process.

To ensure medical devices serve their function, they should:

  • Be lightweight, small, and flexible
  • Protect against water and fluids
  • Create safe and secure seals between different substrates
  • Use a reliable and consistent heat sealing process to ensure performance
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Building Better Printed Circuit Board Assemblies for the Medical Industry

The proliferation, and greater use, of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) in the medical industry is due to their versatility and convenience. Developing and manufacturing these devices depends on an exact process with exceptional control to ensure product quality. Additional verification and validation may also be necessary, especially for automatic medicine delivery systems or implantable devices.

While the industry continues to innovate new solutions, establishing a quality plastic assembly process is vital for any product team involved in the medical device market. Sealing a medical device or wearable product requires bonding one or more thermoplastics under precise heat and pressure conditions.

With a heat staking and sealing solution from Thermal Press International, your team can find an optimized assembly process that reduces costs and delivers reliable results during every production run.

Thermal Press Plastic Assembly Solutions for the Medical and Wearable Device Market

Thermal Press has a variety of platforms, including hand-operated thermal press equipment suitable for cleanrooms, clinical environments, or any other industry-specific plastic assembly requirements.

For new product introductions (NPIs), prototyping, or full-scale production, a platform from Thermal Press can optimize your entire manufacturing process. We also provide complete engineering and technical support, helping your technicians get up to speed quickly. For complex assemblies, our engineers will work with your product team to find the correct recipes that will ensure a reliable bond that doesn’t compromise quality.

With new applications for plastic assemblies and an ever-growing focus on personal health, Thermal Press can customize a solution suitable for any kind of medical device. You can configure a platform for heat staking, sealing, swaging, thermal insertion, hot bar soldering, or any other precision sealing requirements.

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