Custom Plastic Assembly Equipment

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Thermal Press International (TPI) has been developing custom plastic assembly equipment since 1976. We specialize in developing custom applications, processes, and equipment for advanced applications in highly demanding industries. Our expert team will work with your company’s designers, engineers, and product developers to create a custom solution for your specific needs.

Custom Solutions

At TPI we provide custom design, tooling, and assembly for your plastic manufacturing needs. We develop customized systems and equipment for heat staking, heat sealing, plastic assembly, product testing, and other manufacturing processes for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, medical device and diagnostics, telecommunications, and other consumer products. Our custom solutions are guaranteed to meet and exceed the exacting standards of your industry.

We produce our custom plastic assembly solutions using state-of the-art technologies and methods, based on our decades of experience. We provide turnkey applications, from initial design to prototyping to production. We’ll work with you on all aspects of the solution, including process development, optimization, and adapting the processes into production.

Our custom solutions revolve around the use of today’s most flexible precision-engineered equipment, including the C-Series and H-Series Thermal Press Systems, In-Line Conveyor Thermal Press, MicroLAB Series Thermal Press, Dual C-Series Thermal Press, and a variety of custom thermal press systems. Our machines are highly adaptable and configured for quick setup and tooling changes. It’s easy to retool our systems for the plastic assembly applications you need.

Custom Services

TPI also provides a variety of custom services for your plastic assembly requirements, including:

  • Product design engineering support
  • Process development and optimization
  • Calibration and PM services
  • Prototyping
  • Pilot runs
  • IQ/OQ/PQ

Custom Experience

Our team builds on more than four decades of experience in custom design, assembly prototyping, process development, and process optimization. We manufacture all of our equipment in our Livermore, California facility, which gives us complete control over equipment and processes. We use only high-end components that are guaranteed to meet the quality expectations you and your industry demand.

Thermal Press International: For Your Custom Plastic Assembly Equipment Needs

Thermal Press International was founded in 1976 and quickly made a big impact. TPI developed the industry’s first heat staking machines and followed that with additional heat staking, heat sealing, thermal insertion, and plastic welding solutions. Our innovative equipment and processes helped us establish a reputation for high quality and custom work. When you need custom plastic assembly equipment, turn to TPI.

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