Heat Seal Process and Equipment for Medical Device Assembly

Thermal Press International is an industry leader in the field of thermal and plastic assembly.

medical device assembly

We are the leading heat-sealing process and staking solutions experts. Our precision-engineered equipment is trusted by medical device manufacturers providing life-sustaining and life-improvement technologies to customers across the globe.

With more than 4 decades of experience in the business, we pioneered medical industry plastic assembly processes and solutions that help medical experts provide quality healthcare.

We Are Your Medical Grade Heat Sealing Partner

TPI is ready to help if you need high-quality plastic assembly solutions to manufacture medical devices. When it comes to meeting the medical industry’s needs, a tried and tested heat seal solution is a must.

Consult Our Experienced Engineering Staff

 Our team can provide design support, assembly prototyping, process development, and process optimization with years of experience and combined expertise. We can guide you through the adaptation of processes into production.

Highly Reliable Heat Seal Equipment

Thermal Press has a complete line of heat seal processes and equipment that meet the rigorous demands of medical device assembly. Our devices provide the precision that spells the difference between life and death. Some of our available thermal presses include:

  • MicroLAB Series Thermal Press is a self-contained system for small-sized assembly production
  • Dual C-Series Thermal Press is perfect for sealing medical ports, plates, and fitments
  • C-Series and H-Series Thermal Press Systems are used for more demanding applications that need to accommodate bigger parts and assemblies

Excellent Customer Service and Untiring Product Support

When you tap the services of Thermal Press, we are your partner for your heat seal process and ensure that you make the most of your equipment for medical device assembly. We are with you from the design stage to production. This includes technical support, installation and training, calibration, maintenance, etc.

Engineered for the Most Stringent Standards of the Medical Industry

Do not compromise when it comes to assembling the equipment you designed to support health and wellness. Thermal Press is committed to innovate and ensure our solutions always meet the highest level of standards and control.

We are your partner in developing medical grade heat sealing technologies. Whether you are in the business of manufacturing wearable medical devices, producing containment vessels, or medical ports, we can meet your needs.

TPI will share our expertise so you can optimize your manufacturing process and make only the best products to help patients in need.

We manufacture all our equipment in Livermore, California, using high-end components. Thermal Press offers an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Contact TPI today to request a quote if you need the best heat seal process and equipment for medical device assembly.