Hot Sealing Equipment

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Thermal Press is a global leader in hot sealing solutions. Our hot sealing presses help product teams create innovative, safe, and reliable seals for plastics, films, and foils.

For any type of industry and application, Thermal Press has a solution available that can streamline the manufacturing process while producing precision hot sealed products. Our engineers can work with your team to find an optimal solution and ensure a consistent and high-quality hot sealing process.

Hot Sealing Applications

When you need to ensure a quality connection or seal, Thermal Press can provide a solution that fits your process. Our thermal presses support clean substrate and heat seal connector (HSC) procedures. With Thermal Press, you can:

  • Bond an HSC to another device like a liquid crystal display (LCD) or printed circuit board (PCB)
  • Prevent inconsistent bond strength, misalignment, and continuity issues on individual traces
  • Create repeatable and consistent results by applying optimal pressure and temperature to a bonded area
  • Maintain the planarity of bonding blades to HSCs and substrates

Hot Sealing Solutions from Thermal Press

For any kind of product or device, Thermal Press can provide a hot sealing solution that delivers a superior bonding process. Hot sealing bonds one thermoplastic to another, forming a permanent seal between the two products. Ensuring a consistent, quality seal requires exact control over the temperature and pressure applied during the process.

Depending on the type of product you are producing, you’ll need to verify that the final results comply with federal and international regulations. Thermal welding of any two compounds should use a strict quality control process, requiring exact and precise control at every stage in the manufacturing cycle.

A growing market of intelligent medical devices and automatic drug delivery systems depend on hot sealing solutions. Thermal Press has a variety of platforms available for the food, medical, and bioengineering industries. Our hot sealing process is not subject to the degradation or debris of other technologies like ultrasonic welding.

Hot sealing solutions are suitable for:

  • Port systems and fitment seals in both the food and medical industries
  • Patch welding of adhesives that support wearable medical devices
  • Welding and sealing of any type of film, foil, or filter
  • HSC and anisotropic conducive file (ACF) bonding suitable for fine pitch applications
  • Computer, telecommunication, and biomedical device sealing

Thermal Press Device Capabilities

Our devices enable a quality manufacturing process with precise controls and validation features. In the medical and food industries, this is vital for demonstrating compliance while it also ensures you know if a specific seal is faulty.

For any type of medical or food device assembly process, if you need a quality seal that performs according to design specifications, Thermal Press can help. Our solutions can also create elastomeric connectors positioned directly on top of PCB assemblies or LCDs. If your product or device requires a hot sealing solution that depends on a high precision and consistent process, then adopting a thermal press in your assembly procedure will be essential for product quality.

Creating Effective Hot Seals for Any Product with Thermal Press

At Thermal Press, precision and process control remains a priority. Our platforms enable manufacturers to create a consistent, quality bond between any kinds of thermoplastic, suitable for any type of application. With custom actuation, quick tooling changes, and exact temperate or pressure control, hot sealing equipment from Thermal Press will ensure a repeatable, certifiable manufacturing process for any type of sophisticated assembly procedure.

For more information about Thermal Press’ hot sealing solutions, contact one of our experts today.