Heat Sealing Machines

heat sealing machine

Enhance Productivity Using Heat Sealing Machines from Thermal Press

At Thermal Press, we produce top quality heat sealing machines that perform according to design specifications. We create heat sealers that help businesses produce precise and innovative seals for foil, plastic, and film, applicable in the medical and food industries.

Our heat-sealing equipment streamlines the manufacturing process. Whether you are in the medical device or another plastic assembly industry, our solutions are designed to match your operation.  

Where Do You Use Heat Sealing Machines?

Heat sealing machines are used across many industries. Common applications include: 

LCD Assembly

Connecting LCD displays in telecommunications devices, medical applications, and other consumer electronics constitutes one of the earliest uses of heat sealing technology. 

Thermal sealing provides an alternative to hold clear display screens onto devices or other sealed thermoplastic assemblies where ultrasonic welding would not be appropriate. 

Manufacturing Filter Media and Blood Test Films

Heat sealing is vital in producing blood test films for blood, viruses, and other test strip devices in the medical sector. 

In the food and medical industry, films and laminate foils are usually heat-sealed on top of thermoplastic containers and microtiter plates to curb the contamination of sample collection trays and food product containers.

Bioreactor Bag Production

Heat-sealing equipment is necessary for producing plastic and packaging bags used in the food, bioengineering, and medical industries. 

With the increasing need to reduce costs, bioreactors bags are becoming more popular. About 70 percent of companies in the biopharmaceutical industry have adopted this technology to decrease costs. You can follow the trend and equip your business with one of our heat sealing machines to produce increasingly in-demand bioreactor bags

Designed To Meet Your Specific Production Requirements

We understand that businesses have varied needs, and that’s why we offer different heat-sealing equipment to address your diverse requirements. Available sealing tools include:

We Stand Behind our Heat Sealing Equipment

Quality is not negotiable. It’s what we strive for 100% of the time. As a leading manufacturer of heat-sealing machines, our goal is to provide solutions that will give you control over your business and help you uphold the highest production standards. 

Our three-year warranty provides you peace of mind and confidence in your equipment. 

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