Hot Sealing Machines

Thermal Press is the leader in hot sealing machines, equipment, and process application. Engineered with precision, we offer a comprehensive assortment of machinery with options to manage your film, foil, plastic, and heat seal connector assembly processes.

Our hot sealing machines are designed to meet your specific production requirements because we understand the varying needs of your operation.

Enhancing Productivity with Hot Sealing Machines

Thermal Press hot sealing machines streamline the manufacturing process, whether  in the medical device or food industries, or another field requiring plastic assembly.

We provide solutions tailored to fit your needs, with our equipment helping your company produce exact and innovative seals for packaging, products, and other materials.

Hot Sealing Machine Applications    

Hot sealing machines have applications across multiple industries. Our most common applications include:

Medical Devices   

Medical devices have precisely measured seals that can mean the difference between life and death for some patients. That’s why regulations are stringent, and at Thermal Press, our hot sealing machines deliver the highest standard in equipment manufacturing to ensure validated and consistent results.

Medical applications using hot sealing machines:

LCD Assembly

We connect flat panels to circuit boards of telecommunications devices, consumer electronics, and other medical applications, like adhesive patch welding. It is one of the more straightforward uses of this sealing technology.

Bioreactor Bag Production 

Hot sealing machines are essential for producing packaging and plastic bags used in the medicine, food, and bioengineering industries. An increased need for reduced costs drives the increased popularity of bioreactor bags. 

Roughly 70 percent of biopharmaceutical companies have adopted these technologies to reduce operational costs. Equip your enterprise with one of our hot sealing machines so you can produce increasingly in-demand bioreactor bags.

Why You Should Choose TPI for Hot Sealing Equipment

At TPI, we stand behind the quality of our hot sealing equipment. For us, quality is non-negotiable, and you can rest assured that our hot sealing processes  will support you in upholding the highest production standards for your business operations.  

As a leading manufacturer of hot sealing machines, we are guided by our mission to deliver solutions that will provide you control over your processes. Our three-year warranty gives you the peace of mind and certainty you need in your equipment.

Contact us at Thermal Press or give us a call today at 925-454-9800 to discuss hot sealing machine applications.