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Developments and the Market Outlook for Wearable Injector Devices in 2020

This year started with a renewed focus on how to keep populations safe and healthy around the world. From working at home to enabling self-care for patients, the market outlook for wearable injector devices continues to grow every year. The forecasts suggest that the wearable injector device market in 2020 will increase by nearly 11% CAGR until 2024.

In our previous update, we noted that device manufacturers should focus on making wearable injectors flexible, affordable, and comfortable. These functional considerations still apply, but new developments in the healthcare industry could drive further enhancements of devices and lead to more wide-scale adoption of these technologies in the future.

Developments in Wearable Injector Devices for 2020

Advancements in drug delivery go hand in hand with innovations in medicine. As healthcare professionals already work under pressure during the best of times, reducing the burden on facilities and staff is an administrative priority. It’s now more important than ever before to reduce the burden on the healthcare industry while still delivering quality care to patients.

Wearable injectors can help reduce the burden on doctors and other healthcare workers by automatically injecting the patient with the exact dose of medicine at predetermined intervals. These devices remain a temporary care solution, alleviating the need for regular visits to healthcare facilities to receive specific medicines.

As many new drugs and medicines require intramuscular or subcutaneous injection, the move towards automated delivery solutions came as no surprise. It reduces the burden on both caregivers and patients.

Advanced Medicines Require Advanced Delivery Solutions

The development of concentrated monoclonal antibodies in recent years proved effective for treating a variety of chronic illnesses. However, for these treatments to be effective, they usually require exact doses administered by a healthcare professional often delivered intravenously. Innovations in the wearable injector industry now help thousands of patients receive injections from the comfort of their homes.

Modern devices address issues with both the volume and viscosity of doses used in wearable injectors. One of the main challenges faced by manufacturers of wearable injectors is dealing with the concentration of medicines and the duration of the injection.

Solutions like the BD Libertas™ wearable injector overcomes these issues with an innovative and efficient platform. The BD Libertas injector’s features include:

  • A simple interface and design that doesn’t require user assembly or filling. 
  • Capability to store between 2 and 10 mL of high-viscosity biologics.
  • A unique fluid transfer valve that provides for factory filling and convenient administration.
  • Smart-ready technology for further integration with apps and mobile devices.
  • A flexible platform for delivering precise doses of a variety of medicines.

Trust Thermal Press as Your Platform for Wearable Injector Manufacturing

With our heat staking solutions, Thermal Press can help manufacturers of wearable injectors to produce high quality, precision-engineered devices. Thermal Press provides a variety of solutions that deliver a scalable, cost-effective platform for manufacturing a variety of medical devices and wearable injectors.

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