The Thermal Press Difference

Thermal Press International, Inc. (TPI) has been the industry leader in thermal press machines, technologies and customized solutions used in the assembly of plastics for nearly 50 years! We are experts in the field of heat staking, head sealing, thermal insertion and swaging equipment used in many industries like medical device, electronics, automotive and many others. Our customers continue to utilize our many services and come back to us when new projects arise.

Streamline your manufacturing techniques with our premium thermal press systems. We take pride in our extensive product line of automation systems and precision machines for heat sealing, heat staking, thermal insertions, medical port welding, and many more heat assembly applications.

An Industry Leader in Plastic Assembly Applications

When it comes to designing plastic parts, choosing the right assembly equipment is critical to ensure product quality. Ensure the integrity of your parts starts with high-end plastic assembly systems from Thermal Press International, Inc.

We have a wide range of tailored tooling options to accommodate various plastic assembly applications. Our equipment supports plastic assembly processes while decreasing the risk of product issues. This can help you increase throughput without compromising on quality.

Additionally, all our thermal press systems are fully self-contained and can sit on most work benches.

Our High-Quality Thermal Press Systems

From foil sealing to solder reflows, we have a range of systems and machines to get the work done fast and efficiently. Learn more about our products by clicking on the links below.

C-Series Thermal Press

The C-Series has an open “C-Frame” machine design engineered to accommodate all sizes of parts and assemblies. It’s suitable for most part handling and tooling options.

Other key features of our C-Series thermal press include:

  • 0-1000 lb. force ranges
  • Integrated digital PID temperature controls
  • Standard 4″ stroke with an adaptable hard stop
  • Simple rotational adjustment of thermal tooling

H-Series Thermal Press

The H-series thermal press has a strong “H-Frame” design for higher-force, more demanding applications. It easily integrates into existing pallet transfer, automation lines, and conveyor-based systems.

The main features of our H-series include the following:

  • Force ranges between 500 lbs. and 3 tons
  • Programmable velocity control through an HMI color touchscreen
  • Integrated digital timers, linear positional data, and counters

In-Line Conveyor Thermal Press (SMEMA)

Our SMEMA conveyor-based thermal press systems feature our H-series combined with the SMEMA standard. It can accommodate higher forces for larger applications without affecting flexibility. This thermal press is available in force ranges between 500 lbs. and 2 tons.


The MicroLAB thermal press series has all of the features of our larger production systems in a smaller footprint. Our systems are also suitable for small-sized assembly applications. It’s commonly used for implantable medical device assembly.

Dual C-Series Thermal Press 

We offer the Dual C-Series thermal press — a variation of our standard C-series machines. They’re ideal for large format applications like medical port sealing and welding.

Manual Thermal Press

Our Manual Thermal Press or “Hand Press” series is a versatile machine for prototyping applications. It’s suitable for small to medium size heat sealing and heat staking.

Why Partner with Thermal Press International, Inc.?

TPI is the industry leader in engineering thermal assembly. We design, manufacture, and deliver a complete line of unique and advanced plastic joining systems. Our innovative machines have continued to set industry standards for over 30 years and counting. With a 98% customer satisfaction rating, we provide top-quality parts to create the very best products.

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