Manufacturing Boom in the Bioreactor Bag Marketplace

In the marketplace today, manufacturers in science and pharmaceuticals have an increased need for single-use bioreactor bags. In addition, the recent pandemic has strained an already growing industry with the need for manufacturing vaccines around the world.

We have been a trusted source of thermal press equipment here at Thermal Press since 1976. As a result, we are a leader in the bioreactor bag marketplace, ready to meet the increased demands that today’s manufacturing processes require.

Increased Demand for Bioreactor Bags

Studies show that the global market of single-use bioreactor bags is booming. The industry is looking at a 20% growth, with $12.6 billion in additional sales by 2026.

Compared to conventional bioreactor bags, single-use bags add sustainability to your manufacturing process. Savings from the use of single-use bioreactor bags reaches much further than profits. Here are numbers that demonstrate the value of using single-use bioreactor bags in manufacturing:

  • Operation costs: Using single-use bags consistently lowers utility costs for operations by 30%
  • Water savings: In manufacturing, single-use bioreactor bags are an environmentally sound choice, with 87% water use savings
  • Detergents: Compared to conventional use bioreactors, single-use bags can save detergent costs by 95%

Single-use bioreactor bags are essential to many industries and used in various applications, including:

  • Vaccine production
  • Tissue engineering
  • Cell expansion
  • 3D tissue construction
  • Research

As the demand for single-use bioreactor bags increases, having a reliable, trusted vendor is essential to keeping your manufacturing line moving. We at Thermal Press are ready to meet that demand.

Top Benefits of Single-Use Bioreactor Bags in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are looking for more than a reliable vendor. They are also looking for ways to increase production, save manufacturing costs, and improve profits. In addition, manufacturers are under increased public scrutiny to move toward sustainable manufacturing practices. Single-use bioreactor bags are the answer to meet all these needs.

Here are some of the top benefits of using single-use bioreactor bags in manufacturing:

  • Reduced costs: The initial capital investment costs to build a manufacturing facility using single-use bags versus stainless steel are nearly 70% lower. You can also go from planning to manufacturing in half the time.
  • Easy disposal: Single-use systems do not require downtime for cleaning and sanitization of steel components. They are disposed of inexpensively through incineration.
  • Environmental sustainability: The impact manufacturing makes on our environment matters. Manufacturing plants that employ single-use systems emit 35% cleaner CO2 than their steel counterparts, and use 46% less water.

Reliability and Leadership in Single-Use Bioreactor Bag Manufacturing

Thermal Press International has been leading the industry in heat presses and thermal assembly of plastics for over 30 years. When a drop in supply can halt your production line, reliability and industry leadership matters.

If you have questions about thermal assembly, plastic manufacturing, or single-use bioreactor bags for your production needs, contact us at TPI.

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