Hot Sealing Application — Sealing a Transdermal Patch to a Wearable Device

Thermal Press International is a leader in innovations in patch-based wearable device development. As the industry’s specialist in hot (or heat) sealing applications, we work with you to achieve consistent quality production using a precision roll-to-roll sealer with timed temperature application for multiple assemblies. 

Ideal for biomedical and wearable medical device applications, our thermal press technology will ensure precision in device production focused on improving patient care and quality of life.

Innovations in Medical Wearable Devices

Advancements in wearable medical and technology devices over the last five years have led to a rapidly growing number of FDA-compliant fabrics and adhesives used to attach these devices to the patient’s skin.

Along with advancement in the technology, there are also more use cases for these patch-based devices. These use cases include:

  • Insulin pumps
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Medical monitors
  • Other wearable technology 

Thermal Press Roll Feed System for Thermal Patch Sealing

The Thermal Press precision roll-to-roll sealer uses a hot sealing application for thermal patches to biomedical and wearable medical devices. Here are the three types of patches used in these devices: 


This iontophoresis patch uses low electric currents to deliver prescription medication through the skin, sebaceous glands, hair follicles, and the underlying tissue. Physical therapists have been using Iontophoresis technology for over two decades.

It has gained traction over the last few years because it is non-invasive. However, it’s gained momentum more recently because it has fewer side effects than traditional treatments as well. These patches also accommodate tailored treatment plans.


This patch enables the delivery of molecules previously too large for adequate transdermal delivery. The MacroPerm patch transports APIs up to 25,000 Daltons. Innovations with this patch will result in new transdermal patch drugs to help patients worldwide.


The MicroDerm patch contains microneedle technology that delivers a broad range of medications to patients. This patch has tiny microneedles that penetrate the patient’s skin just enough to allow the medicine to enter the bloodstream. It is pain-free and provides a safe, effective alternative to needles or shots.

Thermal Press Precision Roll-to-Roll Sealer for Thermal Patch Adhesives

At Thermal Press, our thermal sealing and welding systems are ideal for many applications. However, we designed our Precision Roll-to-Roll Sealer for biomedical and wearable medical devices. Our assembly processes ensure the highest level of control for reliable, repeatable results.

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