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Plastic Assembly Process Development

At Thermal Press, we understand that a quality assembly process is vital for today’s consumer and medical product industries. When it comes to a new product introduction (NPI) or prototyping project, you’ll need to work with a team of experts that have years of industry experience and access to the latest technologies.

Thermal Press is a leader in plastic assembly and heat sealing solutions. With a range of platforms and configurations available, we will work with your product team for their plastic assembly process development requirements. We can customize our services for:

  • Complete product design and engineering support for any plastic assembly process
  • Pilot runs and prototyping products, including IQ, OP, and PQ in FDA regulated industries
  • Training and technical support to get your team up to speed and keep them productive
  • Carrying out preventative maintenance and providing process or engineering support

Our engineers can help your company take new ideas into production using today’s best practices and modern manufacturing techniques.

Thermal Press Plastic Assembly Process Development Services

Depending on the product design and industry regulations, you’ll want to develop a plastic assembly process that reduces risk and minimizes costs. Our engineers have experience in medical devices and consumer electronics using assembly methods like snap fits, press fits, thermal bonding, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and heated-die sealing.

Complete Plastic Assembly Process Development and Support

Heat sealing solutions eliminate the destructive and debris issues common in other bonding solutions like UV or laser welding. Once you’ve established what connection or sealing strength you need, Thermal Press will support your team to establish a consistent, reliable manufacturing process. We will also help with configuring your solution with additions that will enable semi-automated product loading and unloading.

If you need to assemble different products, our quick change tooling will ensure you can maximize production without compromising on quality. We can customize a plastic assembly solution according to your exact specifications, including:

  • Heat staking, swaging, and sealing
  • Thermal insertion, film, and filter welding or sealing
  • Heat seal connectors (HSCs), hot bar soldering, and any other precision-controlled assembly processes

To support your process, you can include solutions like rotary and power shuttle tables, roll feed systems, pneumonic clamping, or servo actuators. With these additions, you can ensure a streamlined assembly process and find the optimal configuration for your product.

Simplify and Optimize Plastic Assembly Procedures

During the initial design and development stages, you can optimize and simplify the process to avoid costly errors when moving into production. Material selection, assembly design, and manufacturing process instructions (MPI) should all consider the constraints and quality of the final product.

As the thermal press heat process can impact other components, finding the right assembly sequence, materials, and assembly locations is vital to ensure a quality product. The earlier you can identify these issues and mitigate them with design changes and assembly instructions, the more likely that you can build and ship an optimized, cost-effective device.

Thermal Press as Your Development Partner

Getting a new product to market depends on a quality build process. Thermal Press can assist your team with the entire lifecycle, ensuring you optimize production specifications and establish the necessary product verification and validation.

Our engineers will help you develop the necessary controls, navigate regulatory requirements, and prevent costly mistakes that could lead to reliability issues or production delays.

To find out how Thermal Press can help with your plastic assembly process development, contact one of our experts today.

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