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Plastic Assembly Systems from Thermal Press

Using heat staking thermal presses for plastic assembly systems provides a flexible and efficient platform of tools. A good example of this was when Thermal Press assisted a medical device manufacturer to implement a complete hot staking solution for their plastic implants.

The basic process wasn’t particularly complex – it involved contact deformation of base parts using thermal manipulation. However, the devices used to create these types of assemblies need precise control features and exact thermal delivery systems.

Using Staking to Assemble Plastic Components

Compared to other technologies, staking is a viable and cost-effective alternative plastic assembly method. It doesn’t require as much time to set as ultraviolet welds or adhesives. We designed a new bench-sized solution to replace fifteen custom presses used by one medical implant manufacturer.

The MicroLAB series of thermal presses are completely configurable to small development or production requirements while retaining a small footprint (usually implantable medical devices). By partnering with our customer and understanding their unique needs, we developed a platform that delivers a massive improvement to their manufacturing efficiencies.

Staking Systems Key Components

Due to the many different types of materials used in the staking processes, the devices that perform the bonding operations need to be exact and consistent. The variables need to be programmable, and the actuator controls precise.

Staking combines two key factors in the bonding process; force and heat control. We utilize digital controls in our devices to ensure every phase of the bonding process remains consistently accurate. Digitization of the system means operators can program the exact parameters of heat and force into every joint they make.

Thermal Press machines use modern force-feedback and servo-actuators to limit uncontrolled secondary motions. Thermal Press machines require minimal maintenance but are field calibratable, which is a service we provide for our customers.

The Thermal Press Solution

For all companies developing a plastic assembly system, the process controls are critical. Using customized automation and multi-device integration goes a long way to ensure the quickest turn-around times and consistent quality of products.

The scalability of an integrated assembly line means you can streamline your production processes and quickly increase your outputs in line with demand. Whether prototyping new products or manufacturing for the global market, the tools work to deliver reliable results in every environment.

With a completely configurable platform, quick changes to the toolsets remain possible. This means starting a new production line requires less time to change over the assembly process. With record keeping and validation monitoring features, ensuring your products are compliant with regulations is part of the process.

Heat Staking and Sealing Is Changing the Component Manufacturing Industry

From the automotive industry to wearable medical devices and PCB assemblies, staking, sealing our line of thermal presses are rapidly transforming the manufacturing industry. The bonds and joints they provide rival any other comparable technology, and in many cases, provide results that are more consistent.

Thermal Press is a leader in the industry, collaborating with every type of component manufacturer to ensure they deliver quality products repeatedly. If you’re looking for a partner in plastic assembly solutions, contact us today to find out more.

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