Heat staking Components

Optional Accessories for Plastic Assembly Tooling

Thermal Press technology offers a wide range of benefits when it comes to plastic assembly. Localized heat transfer makes it possible for delicate electronics to be built while allowing for extremely low placement tolerances.

Electronics manufacturers generally understand the advantages of thermal press technology, yet they aren’t always up-to-speed on the latest time- and labor-efficient optional accessories available for plastic assembly machines. We make a wide variety of accessories for our clients.

Plastic Assembly Accessories Increase Manufacturing Productivity

If you need to produce high volumes of standardized electronics components in your manufacturing facility, high quality secondary accessories can cut costs and ensure productivity and efficiency.

Some of these accessories are incredibly simple. The use of slide tables can make loading and unloading easier and faster to perform. This can shave seconds off of small assembly tasks, multiplying into value-generated savings far in excess of the initial investment.

Other accessories, such as hydraulic dampers, allow you to safely control the speed of plastic assembly tooling parts while in use. This cuts down on vibrations and ensures a safer, more predictable outcome. Hydraulic dampers are a valuable add-on for high-precision work.

Another accessory that many of our clients find valuable is the sound enclosure. If your assembly facility is tightly packed, with multiple workstations in close proximity to one another, you may want to invest in a sound enclosure. This will keep nearby technicians from being distracted by the considerable amount of noise that heat staking machines typically produce.

Wheeled machinery stands are a simple yet effective way to increase productivity in facilities where equipment must be moved frequently. Being able to securely mount, secure, and use plastic assembly equipment wherever needed is a major advantage.

You may also consider investing in a wide variety of auxiliary plastic assembly tools, such as:

  • Torque wrenches
  • Spanners
  • Step studs
  • Horn studs
  • Mylar washers

Specialty Equipment Reduces Manufacturing Costs

Heat staking Components Optional equipment can save huge amounts of time and money in achieving specific goals. Consider cell phone antennae, for instance. Typically, these components need to be bent within the body of the device in order to function optimally.

A plastics manufacturer may choose to purchase antennae already bent into shape – at great cost – or bend the antennae on-site. Our specialty equipment offers manufacturers the ability to purchase antennae from the most accessible provider and then bend them into the appropriate shape in-house, saving a considerable amount of money in the process.

The same approach can be used to cut on costs across the board. Where other plastic assembly companies prefer to focus on the bottom line – offering the cheapest equipment possible – we prefer to offer the greatest value possible. When you have equipment that gets the job done reliably, you can move on to producing better and more competitive products.