Rely on Thermal Press Expertise for Process Development

Any piece of plastic assembly equipment is only as valuable as the process it completes.

At Thermal Press, we do more than simply sell heat staking and heat sealing equipment. We focus intently on creating full-scale plastic assembly solutions for our customers.

This changes the value that our company stands for in the industrial manufacturing space. The more we know about your products, processes, and core business strengths, the better we can create complete solutions that fit your needs.

Our dedication to process development and optimization includes the manufacture of customized automation systems, and customized tooling packages for our C-series and H-series thermal presses.

Customized Automation and Integration

Every manufacturing facility is different, and not every plastics assembly solution is perfectly suited for plug-and-play operation in any environment. In these situations, the ability to customize a scalable and robust linear workstation array is a critical value.

The Thermal Press Multi-Workstation is a powerful toolset for achieving unprecedented efficiencies in facilities that need customized, automated, and integrated plastics assembly solutions. These devices feature digital control and monitoring, with highly precise XY mounts and alignment capabilities.

This gives manufacturing plant managers the ability to procure a wholesale plastic assembly solution to meet nearly any need. Through collaboration on process development, engineers can generate solutions that optimize production efficiency and floor space usage.

We even visit our customers’ facilities – anywhere in the world – and put our best minds to work on generating the most efficient integration scenarios for the given conditions.

Manufacturing firms that are intent on procuring optimally efficient heat staking solutions can rely on our world-class expertise generating modern solutions.

We Develop Heat Staking and Heat Sealing Processes for Multiple Industries

Some of our most notable process development successes include business-critical component manufacture in the automotive and medical device industries. We have helped auto manufacturers create robust, lightweight solutions for binding plastic and other parts to one another without depending on unreliable fasteners or ultrasonic welding solutions, as well as helping our medical device manufactures to create a stronger assembly to withstand the riggors of the abuses that wearable medical devices experience.

Our engineers have also implemented high-precision heat sealing solutions for medical device manufacturers in need of clean room-compatible port sealers for the industrial-scale manufacture of medical bags. Maintaining ISO clean room compliance under these conditions is a demanding challenge that our team is prepared to meet.

For example, for a clean room environment, our engineers have to eliminate particulate generation, compensate for airflow differences, and install filters for all outgoing materials that are involved in the heat staking process.

Under these conditions, a self-contained unit like our fully-configurable MicroLAB product offers an ideal platform to start with. Designed for the assembly of small  implantable devices or assemblies in a laboratory and clean room environments, is offers a variety of actuation packages, force ranges, stroke speeds, and temperature controls alongside state-of-the-art filtering, calibration, and validation solutions.

Our knowledge and experience make it possible for manufacturers of medical equipment and food-grade products to achieve profitable results under heavy regulation, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the resulting products.

Is it time to improve your processes? Talk to a process development specialist about benchmarks you would like to achieve.