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Why Work with Thermal Press International? Let Our Customers Tell You!

Thermal Press International offers superior equipment and tooling for organizations that need reliable heat sealing and heat staking systems. We utilize high quality materials during production and take final products through a rigorous testing process to ensure they give your business a competitive edge.

The high ratings and reviews from clients show off our products’ reliability and quality. In our small survey comprised of 55 telephone interviews, customers appreciated the positive impact of our machine on productivity, quality, and consistency.

So, what are our customers saying?

Increase in Productivity

With demand for plastic products increasing, the industry is projected to grow to $750 billion by 2028, a growth rate of 3.4 percent from 2021 to 2028. If they want to remain competitive, businesses need heat sealing machinery that will keep up with the demands while utilizing minimal resources. 

When we asked our customers what they recommend about our products, 25 out of 55 pointed to increased productivity. Most comments regarding productivity revolved around reduced setup time and cycle time, with some experiencing productivity gains of up to 600 percent.

Improved Quality

About 27 percent of previous customers report increased quality, while 12.7 percent appreciate the consistency of the products at Thermal Press International. 

From our customers’ comments, the consistency not only comes during the operation but also in process and results, helping standardize and maintain the quality of their products. 

Less Downtime and Peace Of Mind

It’s through machinery with minimal breakdowns that you can maintain productivity. We use sturdy construction throughout our products to ensure they can withstand continual use. 

When asked about durability, 32.7 percent of our customers confirmed that our products have less downtime, increasing peace of mind by 12.7 percent.

Improve Your Assemblies

We deliver high end machines that are practical for various applications involving heat staking and heat sealing, making us your one-stop supplier for plastic processing machinery. We have equipment you can use for:

  • Port, plate, and fitment sealing for food and medical industries
  • Plastic assembly, like attaching screens and metal grilles to plastic frames
  • Heat-sealing and staking applications involving HSC and AFC bonding adhesives

Our products are versatile to help you perform multiple production processes from a single machine. They will enhance your productivity while minimizing production costs 

For inquiries about our plastic processing equipment, reach out to us at (925)454-9800.

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