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New Developments in IoT Connected Medical Devices and Plastic Assembly

The capabilities of the Internet of things (IoT) has matured over the last few years. In the medical sciences, connected devices now even have their own term called the internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Developments in the industry also led to new concerns and considerations for designers and manufacturers.

In our previous blog post about the future of plastic assembly for IoT medical devices, we highlighted the potential these technologies could offer humanity. In the meantime, manufacturers have been busy designing new solutions for improved patient care, monitoring, and diagnostics. As innovative devices continue to enter the market with improved technologies, the IoMT device manufacturing industry will continue to grow in the future.

Market Outlook for IoMT Devices in Plastic Assembly and Manufacturing Sectors

In 2018, the entire Internet of Medical Things market was worth roughly $44 billion globally. Analysts at MarketWatch forecast an increase of 24% CAGR from 2018, resulting in an overall market value of more than $254 billion by 2026. The industry, largely spurred by advanced data monitoring applications and changes to lifestyles, will remain healthy during the coming years.

Solutions include devices that aid medical professionals in remote patient monitoring, providing health advice to individuals, and helping improve personal care. These advances will lead to increased adoption in the industry, but similarly creating new concerns about device security and abuse.

Innovations in Medical Internet of Things Connected Devices

The same way IoT enabled the big-data revolution, IoMT will continue to collect and analyze more data-points in the future. The top trends driving the industry remain focused on improving patient care and reducing the burden on healthcare professionals.

Other factors that will further increase the adoption of IoMT in the future include:

  • Increased use of smart devices and wearable technologies.
  • A continuous need to optimize workforces and improve care using electronic health records.
  • The rise in consumer interests regarding personalized, self-health measurement.
  • Providing healthcare to remote locations and reducing the number of visits vulnerable patients make to a facility.

Concerns Arising from the Adoption of IoMT in the Future

While the new capabilities provide patients and caregivers with many benefits, there are new concerns that manufacturers will need to take into account. Cybercrime and data theft have been on the rise over the last few years. All medical information relating to a patient should remain protected at all times. The more sophisticated IoMT devices become, the greater the risk that hackers can exploit the information for personal gain.

Devices will have to use the highest levels of data encryption whenever they transmit information between the devices and networks. Manufacturers should also consider factors like network security, device authentication, and data recovery to remain compliant with legislation.

Manufacturing IoMT Devices with Solutions from Thermal Press

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