Our Commitment to Customer Service

When it comes to the safety of our workforce and the communities we serve, Thermal Press remains committed. We don’t only want our workers and their families to remain safe, we also want to help society build and work together to find innovative solutions during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As Thermal Press provides essential service to support the health care industry, we’ve continued working during the current climate. We strive to support the manufacturers that build the products our societies rely on now, and in the future.

Thermal Press and Our Commitment to the COVID-19 Challenges

Thermal Press has always worked with medical device manufacturers to deliver innovative solutions to the industry. During the current pandemic, we implemented the necessary controls to keep our workers safe while still supporting the manufacturers working on the frontlines of the health crisis.

At our facility, we implemented:

  • The use of masks and gloves wherever needed
  • Maintaining social distancing rules at all workstations
  • Disinfecting and surface cleansing regularly
  • Additional safety measures as required to keep our workers and customers safe

We remain capable of supporting our customers no matter where they operate in the world. Thermal Press International’s reputation remains strong, and we have been able to supply our clients with the equipment support they need. Our clients continue to praise our product’s efficiencies and convenience. Thermal Press provides products that streamline manufacturing processes while making it easy to maintain and operate the devices.

The efficiency of our device setup and the reliability of our equipment help a variety of essential services to achieve their goals every day. We also have dedicated product support with technical and sales agents available at all times to help customers make informed decisions.

Thermal Press Testimonial received during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Medical device manufacturing became a lot more important in 2020. Our services have always supported this essential industry and now, more than ever, we remain committed to helping manufacturers succeed. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical device market was set to grow at 5.6% CAGR until 2024.

To show their appreciation, one of our customers shared their experience by stating that our product was easy to set up and could immediately perform as required.

It only took them two days to configure their sonic welder for maximum effect. As TPI competes directly with ultrasonic welders, the thermal press solution we provided helped them churn out parts that support the national effort.

Thermal Press as a Medical Manufacturing Support Solution

We remain committed to supporting the communities we serve and our clients during this challenging time. With a stake in the success of our clients, Thermal Press will continue to operate responsibly to deliver reliable products that support the national effort in curbing the spread and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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